Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | October 19, 2023


You’re right on target. I think he, first of all, should withhold $100 million until all the hostages are released. And let’s not kid ourselves. If Hamas is still alive, Hamas is going to get the money so that the destruction of Hamas, the release of the hostages should predate any American aid to Gaza. Second, he ought to be honest about Iran’s role in all this. The Biden policy enriched the Iranian dictatorship, made it more possible for it to support terrorism everywhere. And, you know, to confirm he ought to confront Gutter about the fact that they have the Hamas leaders who are still sitting right there in very comfortable places with no threats. He should, in fact, say openly, we support Israel in the total destruction of Hamas. When he said that on the plane, on the way back about the other team, it was sickening, as it could imply some there’s two teams, the Israelis and the terrorists no there are not two teams, there are civilization, and there are people who behead babies. Let’s be let’s be clear here. There’s not a team game here. There’s a horrifying, evil force that needs to be destroyed, frankly, before we give money to to Ukraine. And I support helping Ukraine. One, they ought to give them the most advanced tactical missiles, which they have refused to do. Two, we should have a complete audit. I don’t see any reason why we’re paying the Ukrainian civil service. We’re providing basically social welfare. That’s nutty. That’s sort of the Great Society goes to Ukraine. So I think that I’d be very careful about combining the two.


Look, I think it would be perfectly reasonable for the Republicans in Congress to include a profound change in our border policy as part of any package and just say we’re not going to go forward unless we get this worked out. You have I think, the worst administration since Buchanan, who presided just before the Civil War and maybe even beginning to be worse than Buchanan. It is appalling how bad this administration is in every way, whether it’s controlling the border, stopping fentanyl. Go down the list. This is a very dangerous, very bad government.


Zero, Right. Well, you know the answer to that. This was an utterly incompetent administration which lies every single day and which has and frankly, has no sense of respect for the American military. And I think that it’s pretty clear that this was just a photo op. I mean, the whole trip, when you look at it and you think about the fact that nothing really good came out of it. I was I was, I think, a pathetic effort at propping up Biden for reelection. And if anything, I think it will leave him weaker as people think deeply about how many different ways the Biden administration has strengthened terrorism, strengthen Iran, weaken our allies, and basically failed to do its job.

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