American Despotism – The Anti-American Left Emerges

by Newt Gingrich

The roots of the current cultural and political crises in part began with the emergence of the anti-American left.

What began as a largely idealistic effort to create an alternative to capitalism rapidly degenerated into an assault on American values and the American system. When the existing system did not implement the bold (often radical) changes demanded by the reformers, their idealized intellectual analysis rapidly devolved into extreme demands and actions.

An interesting intellectual exercise mutated into a hostile, sometimes violent opposition to the American system. In effect, the new radicals declared if the change they wanted didn’t come voluntarily they would force it.  That evolution toward complete opposition and violence started slowly and accelerated throughout the 1960s.

The emergence of this anti-American left is important because it has been evolving and growing for over 60 years. The so-called alumni who participated as young activists in the 1960s gradually became networkers and mentors for later generations of leftist activists.

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Author’s Note: The complex patterns that have led to the greatest crisis of constitutional government and rule of law since the Civil War are far bigger, involve far more people, and are ultimately more dangerous to American freedom than the personal dishonesty and criminality of the Biden family. This “American Despotism” series in The American Spectator will provide a clear history of the weaponization of government, which has violated the Constitution and corrupted the rule of law. While each article will be complete and stand-alone, together they will combine to fully describe the patterns that now threaten to destroy the foundation of individual freedom — the hallmark of the American system.

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