Gingrich 360 partners with like-minded individuals, companies and organizations to examine public policy challenges and to develop new solutions.

Strategic Planning and Counsel

Decades of leadership inside and outside of government have allowed us to develop a unique approach to transformation and modernization.  Our focus on breakout trends and technologies across multiple industries allows us to develop actionable plans for long-term success in a rapidly changing world.

Public Policy Development and Advocacy

Outdated and harmful public policy is often a major barrier to new science and technology offering a better life for all Americans. While we do not lobby, Gingrich 360 helps clients define and achieve their policy goals within this framework. We are dedicated to achieving our clients’ public policy goals, because we only work on causes in which we believe.

Political Insights

Our decades of experience in government allow us to provide our clients with unmatched insight into the public policy and political processes that will impact their organizations.  We help clients navigate seemingly chaotic politics to find the most effective positions to meet their needs.

Coalition Building

Policy is rarely advanced without many parties advocating change.  Gingrich 360 has a unique approach to coalition building, which combined with our extensive network, enables us to foster powerful alliances for our clients.

Integrated Communications

We take an integrated approach to designing and executing campaigns that shape opinions and decision-making.  Our in-house team coordinates our trusted, best-in-class communications partners in traditional, online, and paid media to make the breakthroughs our clients need.  Importantly, we help people learn how to communicate with lawmakers in ways that will get their attention.

Public Opinion Research

When building support for a public policy or issue, adopting the right public positioning and using the right language is critical.  This is where public opinion research comes in.  Working with trusted partners, Gingrich 360 helps clients develop focus groups and polling designed to measure current public opinion, determine how to change it and rally public support behind a cause.