Newt Gingrich on Hannity | January 15, 2024


Well, as you know, I almost never write anything down. And listening to the two brilliant people, you know, you just had two of the best analysts on American politics that we have. So I got five quick points. One, this is the people’s victory. Despite every media, despite every lawsuit, despite every effort to destroy Trump, the people of Iowa have stood up and said, no, he is our candidate. Number two, he’s the nominee. Get over it. He is the nominee. He’s going to win the nomination. The news media doesn’t want to say that because they they need to somehow hype please watch us while we go through this charade. There is no candidacy for number two. There is no number two. There are irrelevancies you get to be the leading irrelevant or the second irrelevant or the third irrelevant. But nobody is going to be number two because he’s going to dominate totally If you look at the country at large, where he’s at like 62 or 64% approval, Trump is not a candidate. Trump is the leader of a nationwide movement to take power back from the establishment. And that’s why every time he’s attacked by the judiciary, every time he’s attacked by the news media, he gets stronger because people go, yep, that’s what I thought. That’s exactly what those corrupt people will do. And of course, starting with the Russian hoax, it’s just clear these people lie all the time. Finally, Iowa has turned red when I first got involved in politics. Iowa was a very competitive state, and sometimes it was sort of Democrat state. But over the years, Iowa has moved away, and Trump is a big part of this. If you look at the who’s winning elections in Iowa today, they’re Republicans. If you look at which party is collapsing in Iowa today, it’s the Democrats. That’s a harbinger, I think, of what the next few years are going to be like. So that’s my sweeping introduction.


It is irrelevant. It’s hey, look, it’s like, you know, being the nicest person in the school while you lose every game. Fine. I mean, he can go home and say he did the best he could. Nicki can go home and say she did the best she could. Ramaswamy can go home and say did the best he could. None of them are going to be the nominee, period. It is over. If you have any doubt about this, watch the returns come in tonight. This will be historically the largest margin ever for a Republican candidate in a multi-candidate field ever. At some point, people got to say to themselves oh he is going to be the nominee because not not because of him, but because the American people want him to be the nominee. He’s going to be president because the American people want him to be president.


No, no. He is the nominee I mean look at the way. So in a worst case, there is 49 states. In the best case, he carries 50.

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