Newt Gingrich on Hannity | January 3, 2024


Well, I think law and order will be one of them in a variety of ways. First of all, Biden is not enforcing the law at the border. So you have a whole question there of just, you know, obeying the law. He swore an oath to obey the law, that he’s not obeying the law. You have, I think, green corruption. We’re going to find out billions of dollars have been stolen, much of it by people who donate to the Democratic Party. You’re going to find that Washington, D.C., which frankly, a Congress should take control of. We just had 975 carjackings, 975 in one year. The guy you just showed on TV already had charges in two states, had a record of being violent and frankly, shouldn’t be on the street. We have we’re at a crossroads between civilization and the kind of collapse which will take generations to recover from if we ever do. You saw some of that on the universities where you had people openly saying they favored terrorism, they favored genocide. Those of us who believe in civilization have to stand up and firmly commit ourselves to taking this country back in a direction of law and order, of real opportunities, of people having an ability to be safe and to have an ability, frankly, to pursue happiness without somebody mugging you or robbing you or carjacking you. These are all real issues.


Well, my sense is that a lot of people who are moving have figured it out and they’re not going to go back to the kind of crazy left wing policy. You have the governor of New York now, for example, recommending a reparations commission. A totally stupid idea that has no possible. And it would be one more effort to take things away. You know, you have California. California adopts all sorts of nutty rules. And I think that what you’re going to have is an election this this year between continuing down a road that most of us know doesn’t work or taking back America and returning to a path that has made us the greatest country in the world.

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