Newt Gingrich on Sunday Morning Futures | July 16, 2023


Yeah, I think more than anybody I can imagine. He’s knowledgeable. It’s things he actually did. He’s not talking from note cards. And the big difference is in 2017, he was a businessman under tremendous assault from the FBI, The New York Times and The Washington Post learning the trade. Now, he’s had enough time to think it through. I think his first year will be astonishing and I think people will be amazed how much he can get done, how big a team he can assemble. And frankly, barring some enormous change, he is the most likely person to be the next president of the United States something only Grover Cleveland ever achieved. Being president, losing and coming back. But right now, the numbers are so overwhelming, Republicans ought to start focusing on how to beat Biden, because I think they I think at a practical level, they have a nominee and his name is Donald Trump.

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