Biden Has Spent 353 Vacation Days as President

Joe Biden has spent 39.2 percent of his presidency on vacation.

RNC Research has compiled statistics that show the President has reportedly spent 353 days (about 11 and a half months) on vacation. This amount of time spent away from the White House equates to 39.2 percent of his presidency. 

Breitbart News reported in August 2022, Biden was recorded as having spent a record 150 days at his residence in Delaware in the 18 months since he was elected president. Breitbart News also reported that the president spent nearly half a million dollars in American taxpayer money to build a security fence around his home in Delaware. 

In September 2021, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded a federal contract to a Delaware construction company to construct the fence around the property. The initial contract planned to spend more than $456,000 on the project, and it was eventually increased to cost taxpayers nearly $500,000 and is expected to be finished later this month.  

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