Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | June 6, 2024


Well, I’d say first watch the three Reagan presidential debates. Notice the style, the calmness, the use of humor. staying balanced. second, answer the question you wish they’d ask. Don’t get involved in games with the reporters. The reporters are all. Every person that stage is anti-Trump. and accept that going in and just relax. And then I would as often as I could, I think I would say to Biden, have you been to a grocery store? do you have any idea the damage your policies have done to everyday Americans? And I would talk with the American people not with the politicians. And I’d make my entire debate about the future of the American people and the fact that Biden’s a failure. I mean, it’s not complicated. I think if Biden starts talking about taxes, I might be tempted to say, you mean people who cheat on their taxes like Hunter? I mean, is that what your reference is to? I think if Biden, tries to pretend he knows foreign policy, I think it’s legitimate to turn and say, you know, Putin was a KGB lieutenant colonel in Germany 40 years ago. Did you really know him? 40 I don’t I don’t understand what you were saying. Did you really know him? and I think the more that Trump Trump should be cheerful. Talk to the American people. Answer the question you wish they had to ask. And then occasionally, ask Biden questions about Biden’s behavior. I think that, again, I think the debate will be over.


Well, I think that’s part of it. I think the other is, the Trump campaign should push very hard to have it be a standing debate, not sitting. And I should push very hard to have no notes. I mean, if Trump obviously can operate without notes because he does it all the time. But if Biden had to actually go into a debate with no notes, it’ll be interesting to see how many minutes in you almost want to have a running pool. You know how many minutes will take Biden to start falling apart?


But this is a cheap shot. So forgive me, but if you had CNN’s ratings, you would try to sell every ad you could for any reason. and I think that’s part of just straight out they need the money. and part of it is, of course, Biden needs a couple of chances. And the question there would be he shouldn’t be allowed to wear anything in his ear. So he doesn’t get any coaching. and during the debate, during the breaks, he has to stay on the stage, interesting to see if Biden could actually stay on the stage for 90 minutes. Trump, of course, routinely stays on the stage for 90 minutes because he gets rolling.

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