Newt Gingrich on Hannity | May 29, 2024

Sean: I thought he was a nice old man. Anyway, meanwhile, a new poll out today shows Trump and Biden tied in the state of Virginia, where Biden won by ten points in 2020. Here with reaction is former Speaker of the House and Fox News contributor, Newt Gingrich. My first question to you is, okay, Virginia is tied, Minnesota is tied, he’s leading among African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, and young people. That’s his answer. He looks more frail every day. Do you think this trial in New York has any impact on what happens in 159 days from now?

Newt: I think it has a big impact. I think it’s making all of us Donald Trump. I think virtually every American looks at this use of government power and realizes that Donald Trump could get out of the way by just withdrawing, but he cares enough about the country that he’s taken this extraordinary beating, had the whole game rigged against him, and risks going to jail because he actually cares. And then I watch this doofus who’s totally dishonest, clearly cognitively having problems, and I think in a pathetic way clinging to the presidency in a way which I find pretty frightening for the country because he is Commander in Chief and it’s clear that this guy could not possibly command. But beyond that, if you have Kamala Harris as your vice president and you’ve done everything you can to bring the black community with you and now you find yourself having to campaign in the black community, this is the second week they’ve done this, because the truth is when Donald Trump went to the South Bronx the other day, he was attracting the kind of coalition that is going to overwhelm Biden and I think potentially overwhelm the Democrats. All you have to do is go back and look at video of Ronald Reagan in 1980 and then look at Trump in South Bronx and you realize we are in a different world and we have a national leader and these pathetic pygmies are doing all they can to try to put him in jail because they can’t deal with him in an honest election.

Sean: Did you see how minuscule the crowd was in Philly today? Like nobody wants to show up.

Newt: You think the average American is stupid? I mean you look at this doddering guy who clearly is only half the time in charge of what he’s doing. You look at his vice president who may be cognitively fine but she’s as goofy. And you say to yourself, what is it I’m supposed to get excited about? And then you look at Bidenflation, which every American experiences every day, every time you go to the grocery store. So, I don’t care how many ads the Biden team runs, they are trying to convince the rest of us that things aren’t as bad as we know they are because we are feeling it in our pocketbooks. When you are a Democrat and you have to go to your base this hard, you are really on the edge of collapse. A comparable deal would be if a Republican had to shore up West Virginia. I think what you will see in the next few months, and it really worries me frankly, is that you will see a desperation when they come to realize nothing they are doing is going to work and they are confronted with the likelihood that Trump is not just going to win, he’s going to win big, he’s going to take the Senate and the House. And I think all of us ought to keep Donald Trump in our prayers because I think these people are desperate.

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