Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | May 22, 2024

Laura: With Nikki Haley saying she is voting for Trump, the Republican party is now firmly united behind him. Joining me now is Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and Fox News political analyst. Newt, Nikki comes home.

Newt: I think this is a very important moment because she was the last hope of the Never Trumpers. And I think what she has said is pretty clear: if your choice is Biden or Trump, no one who cares about the future of the country can be for Biden. And I think she will be an asset at the convention. She will be an asset on the campaign trail. And I think she is going to give a lot of people a sense that they are going to be with her and supporting President Trump. So, I think in terms of unifying the Republican party, this was a very, very important day.

Laura: Newt, should former President Trump invite her to Bedminster for a meeting or a chat just to kind of put all the ill will behind them and, you know, be magnanimous?

Newt: Well, he can also invite her to give a speech at the convention. He has many ways to reach out to her. And I think — I do think that unifying the country as it becomes clearer and clearer that President Trump is going to win, that he will be president, I think at some point, turning the idea of how do we bring people together so we can actually govern for the next four years is important. And I think that Nikki Haley can be a part of that.

Laura: Now, Newt, more evidence tonight that voters don’t believe Trump is a threat to democracy. Of course, that was a big hope of the Democrat party. This from “The Washington Post” tonight. Biden’s team is aware that it is struggling to engage young and black voters, but polling suggests that a central element of his campaign pitch — that democracy is under threat, and this election is a referendum on our political system — simply is not engaging those voters as he might have hoped. Newt, what on Earth can he argue now? That’s not working. I guess the student loan giveaway or the pot or the, you know, what?

Newt: Well, here is the problem Biden faces. You know, Bidenflation is eating up the young. You go to work. Then you go to the grocery store. You buy gasoline. You can’t afford to buy a house. You may be living literally from paycheck to paycheck or from credit card to credit card. And Biden wants you to be worried about something that you think is bologna. The objective reality is that Donald Trump, who appears before thousands and thousands of people, who clearly has a nationwide base that loves him and wants him to be president. If you look at how pathetic Biden was in New Hampshire, for example, where they couldn’t even fill up a small room. And, when they did, the people who were there — somebody said they might as well have said bingo because it looked like a group that had gotten together for the local church bingo program.

I think the average person, including many, many African-American males who are now drifting towards Trump, many Latinos where I think Trump will get an absolute majority. And I think, again, when you go out and you talk with suburban women, whom the media was sort of counting on for Biden, they are looking at the border. They are looking at things like what you just showed. Some woman who wants to put a serial rapist into a women’s prison. And they are thinking, you know, do I feel safe enough to take a risk on Biden and Harris? And, remember, a vote for Biden very likely is a vote for Harris to become president. And I think faced with that, a very high percentage of the country in the end is going to say I can’t just do it.

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