Newt Gingrich on Larry Kudlow | May 20, 2024


I think the circus. No, I think with Donald Trump, the circus never ends. there’s always something going on. you know, I mean, first of all, the very idea that you’re going to have three people from CNN and both the moderator and the two questioners, all three of whom are bitterly, deeply anti-Trump. Plus Joe Biden. So the debate stage is going to be 4 to 1. Then they want to regret by having the mic cut off, I presume by Mike Wallace, who’s clearly, anti Biden I mean anti-Trump. and, and then we’re supposed to pretend that this is going to be a fair debate. Now, my my personal guess is that Trump will win the debate. you know, if I were him, I would have every other answer would be go to the grocery store and I would just be very calm. I’m doing a a newsletter, at Gingrich 360, for tomorrow, on Biden’s advertising versus Biden’s grocery store. And the fact is, people go, I just had this over dinner last night with six friends of ours, everybody who goes grocery shopping knows that Joe Biden’s a failure. and you can’t buy enough advertising to offset the next time people go to the grocery store. so I think that Trump will win the debate on facts. He’ll win the debate, on energy and drive. And, it’ll be fascinating to watch because it literally is going to be 4 to 1. I mean, you very seldom give up these kind of odds.


Look, like we have a project that you’re aware of, called America’s New Majority. and, which you can see in America is New Majority Project dot com. We do polling all the time. It’s very clear the American people believe big government spending is a primary driver of inflation. The American people believe that inflation is the great threat to their economic future. And they have total contempt for the politics of giveaway because they’ve lived through it. I mean, Roosevelt was doing it in the depression. It was brand new. Well, now we’ve had 90 years of it. And it’s actually that’s further demeans the politicians because it says, you know, you’re so stupid, you think I can buy your vote? And more and more Americans are going, no, I actually think this is disgusting. and as you know, I’m the only speaker to have balanced the budget four straight years in your lifetime. I can tell you people liked having a balanced budget. People liked having lower taxes. People liked having an explosion of entrepreneurial energy creating jobs. they get none of that out of Biden. And that’s why he will be a one term president. and I think he will do dramatically worse. But one of the things that hit me was if he’s already reduced and you’ve seen this if you’ve been grocery shopping, you either pay a whole lot more or you got a lot smaller products just like cereal. If if Biden is president for four more years, you’re going to be down to buying, you know, one bowl of cereal at a time. because you won’t be able to afford anymore of that. I mean, it is crazy stuff.


I think it’s fair to say that the number of connections between Joe Biden’s brain and reality have been shrinking. He always had a bad memory. He always said things that were nutty. But as he’s gotten older, he has less and less memory of whatever, whatever is real. And he panders to everybody. and, you know, it’s just not true. but you also know that he hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about. I frankly, as a citizen, I find it scary to have a commander in chief who is this out of touch with reality and to know that the backup is Kamala Harris. Not since James B, not since Buchanan. Have we had this great of danger in the White House.

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