Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | April 23, 2024


Well, look, I think it’s already big enough and dangerous enough. I’m reminded of then-Governor Reagan dealing with the students at Berkeley ultimately calling out the National Guard, taking control, insisting on law and order. I look at these university presidents who are cowards. the whole idea that Columbia can’t guarantee safety. That the rabbi at Columbia urged Jewish students to go home because he thought it was physically dangerous. Yale has lost partial control. you go down the list. there there are clear steps that can be taken. People who violate the rules can be expelled. People who are there who are not U.S. citizens can be deported. we we do not want to run a risk the gradual rise of essentially a Nazi like anti-Jewish movement. And that’s what it is. this is largely driven by anti-Semitism. and all across the country, it is Jewish Americans, who are being faced with a level of discrimination. As one said to me yesterday, his grandparents came here seeking a country where they wouldn’t face a pogrom in Russia. They wouldn’t face the Holocaust in Germany. And now he’s watching the signs start once again. And I think we have to be very tough and very direct that we are not going to tolerate this kind of anti-Semitism.


But look, if you go back and you look at Reagan and how he handled Berkeley and he had to because the people of California were so angry. It was their first real experience of this kind of student militancy. And the fact is, none of these encampments are illegal. None of these encampments are authorized by the college or the university. All of them involve trespassing. All of them should be closed down tonight. People who insist on staying should be arrested. I mean, you know, this is not complicated. It’s just hard. The fact is, these are people breaking the law and risking real threats to their Jewish fellow students.


Well, I have no problem with genuine research because they’re among the best research centers in the world. But there’s a ton of money that goes to a place like Harvard or Columbia or Yale. And and more fundamentally, I think we have to have an accountability. And I want to come back. I noticed that, Senators Hawley and Cotton today called on President Biden to call out the National Guard. I think that’s essentially right. I think what you’re seeing here and these university presidents should be told flat out, if you’re not going to insist on the rule of law, then we are going to come in and we’re going to impose it. And that is what happened with Reagan. People think of Reagan as this nice pleasant guy with Morning America. He was very tough about this kind of law breaking.

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