Newt Gingrich on Hannity | April 8, 2024


Well, and but also, as you point out, they’re in a position to simply try to buy votes. I have most most of the green initiative is buying votes. This whole student loan thing is buying votes. The effort they put into rewarding the teachers union is buying votes. When you come down to it, the Democratic Party is a combination of a very, very left wing ideology and a machine that has to have your money to survive. So I think what they’re hoping is that they can get away with breaking the law. You made a point here that really has to be, I think, focused on, the Supreme Court said that what Joe Biden is doing on student loans is unconstitutional. Now he’s the first president I know of who simply ignores the Supreme Court. He wants to give away more of your money. He doesn’t care what the court says. In fact, he boasts he doesn’t care what the court says. So you have a routine law breaking in my fear Sean, is when you get to September and October and none of this is working. You can’t imagine what they’ll do because they have no limits. They don’t believe in the rule of law. They believe in the rule of power. they’re proving every day that they think they can get away with things that are crazy. and that they don’t care what the country thinks. And they still have most of the left wing propaganda media covering for them and protecting them. it’s amazing how many things they get away with, because nobody at the New York Times or the Washington Post or the three major networks, none of them will go out and take them on. None of them will tell the truth. So people now know that people know we have way too many illegal immigrants. People know we have too much crime. People know that when they go to the grocery store, they’re not able to buy what they used to. And if the price is the same, the size is smaller. If the size is the same, the price is higher. and I think the all these things mean that the average American is going to condemn the Biden administration as bad for their lives and bad for America. And I think it’s hard to see other than just plain breaking the law and finding ways basically, to make Trump, in prison. I mean, have an election in Senegal the winner was a reformer who only got out of jail ten days before the election. and I thought there’s certain parallel here. If the Democrats have their way, Donald Trump will spend all of the fall campaign in jail. It is despicable. It’s dangerous. It undermines America. And I think every American, should be putting pressure on their House and Senate members of both parties to stand up to this tyrannical president who is violating the law every day.


My advice is to listen to Donald Trump. Trump has laid out a perfectly rational strategy, which, by the way, Judge Ginsburg said back in the early 1990s in a speech, that she thought Roe versus Wade was wrong because it took the decision of abortion away from the American people and gave it to a group of lawyers. So, in a funny way, he and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are on the same side. Let the American people decide. Different states will have different decisions. And I must say, most of the right to life leaders understand exactly what President Trump is trying to do. He is trying to reach a larger possible number of babies saved. He’s trying to create the best possible environment in the current culture and in the current laws. And he’s doing it in a way which is extraordinarily pro-life without alienating people with the kind of fearmongering the Democrats have. I thought what he did, his statement was exactly right. and I think people read it carefully and think about it. We are a country that has to have this conversation. I personally and as you know, Callista, is very deeply, committed to life. I personally would like to have the fewest possible abortions. Period. We were very pleased to go to the 50th anniversary of a pregnancy group in Florida that has saved 23,000 lives during the history of the group. I compare that to Kamala Harris going to an abortion clinic where they’re killing babies. I think the contrast can be deeper, and I think Trump is exactly in the right place. And by the way, on most issues, Trump’s understanding intuitively of where the American people are is better than any Republican pollster or professional. And I think candidates ought to pay attention, just as I used to do with Ronald Reagan. They ought to pay attention to what President Trump is saying. Try to figure out why he’s saying it and see to what degree they can learn by watching I think one of the most extraordinary political leaders of my lifetime.

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