Newt Gingrich on Hannity | March 20, 2024


Look, I think you have to back up a minute and take a long view. You have a totally corrupt New York system that’s corrupt from the governor to the state legislature to the judges, to the prosecutors. It is basically it’s The Sopranos running the government. It’s totally corrupt. We were first really given a brilliant insight in this by Tom Wolf in a novel called Bonfire of the Vanities 40 years ago, where he outlined the depth of corruption between the prosecutor and the judge. Nothing has changed. It just got worse. So let’s start with this notion. New York now is a corrupt state. New York City is a corrupt city. Any business that does business in New York is stupid because you are at risk of a corrupt prosecutor and a corrosive attorney general ripping you off. Now, Trump’s a unique case because he is the most powerful anti-establishment politician since Andrew Jackson. So he is an enormous threat to every corrupt politician in the country. From Joe and Hunter Biden down through New York and on to California. And that’s what we’re witnessing. But we have to look at the larger historical picture. This is a deeply corrupted state which has driving people out of the state. I think the latest number is 600,000 taxpaying New Yorkers have left. And you’ll see it in the size of the state governments budget deficit. Same thing is happening in California. The corruption of Sacramento is driving people out of the state. And their budget deficit I believe this year will be $51 billion. These states are totally out of control. Donald Trump happens to be the example, but he’s an example of a deeply, deeply corrupt system.


Well, this may surprise you. I think that the country wants ideas more than anger. I think that the country wants to see a presidential candidate in the big cities. I hope that Trump will plan for seven or eight or nine speeches from Philadelphia to Baltimore to New York to Boston to Chicago, to San Francisco. You know, the voters of San Francisco just by 2 to 1 voted to require drug testing if you’re going to go welfare. Now, that is a big shift. And I think there’s a country out there that would love to have a presidential candidate who is unifying visionary. I mean, he ought to ally himself, for example, with Elon Musk and lay out a space program for the next decade that would inspire every young American to believe they had a great dynamic future. If Trump will be positive and aggressive and go everywhere African-Americans, Latino Americans, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, young people, you know, young people is the biggest drop in Biden support because all of a sudden they discovered being woke means you’re not going to get a job, you’re not going to buy a car. You’re going to have to live with your parents. You have no future and then suddenly figure out, you know, that in a very good deal. And of course, today the Biden administration announced a plan to force every American to buy an electric vehicle, whether they want to or not, a position, by the way, which about two thirds of the country is totally opposed to. And that just gives you one more example. You have a left wing, which is crazy, and a president who is suffering from cognitive problems and his family is totally corrupt.

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