Newt Gingrich on Kudlow | March 12, 2024


Well, I think it’s it’s essential that TikTok be brought under American control and that the Chinese be forced to sell it to an American company and that the Chinese not be allowed to have any ties to that kind of social media. It’s a simple matter of national security. Gordon is right. He’s one of the great experts on this whole issue of how the Chinese wage war by a variety of societal means and I’m hoping that the Senate will take it up the House, I think, is going to pass it by a huge majority. And then Senator Schumer ought to get out of the way and allow the Senate to pass it. And President Biden, to his credit, has already said he would sign that. So I think that’s a very important step in the right direction.


Well, I think that you have two different things going on at once. One, you have a tremendous performance failure by Joe Biden. Whether you’re talking about inflation or immigration or crime or fentanyl, you go down the list and the result is people just everyday, normal people go, this ain’t working. I mean, it’s not complicated. Biden’s biggest drop in the last three months is with people under 30 who’ve suddenly begun to realize they’re not going to get a good job they can’t afford to buy a car. They can’t afford to buy a house. And Biden’s policies are going to make them even poorer. So performance is part, the other part of it is values. A lot of the stuff that Democrats stand for just plain weird. Simple example was happened at the State of the Union. Joe Biden correctly talked about an illegal immigrant killing a young girl in Athens, Georgia. Then the left reacted ferociously and he backed off and said, I shouldn’t have used the word illegal. Well, the average blue collar American has got common sense. You come across the border breaking the law. Guess what? You’re illegal. Trump may be on the verge of creating a Trump coalition to replace the Franklin Roosevelt coalition, which would truly be a profound historic shift. And The New York Times, of all places, did a poll two weeks ago. And they show that tremendous movement among Latinos, Asian-Americans, African-Americans and the point you made, Larry, is exactly right. Blue collar workers, middle class workers are all shifting towards the Republicans. The elites have you know, if you’re a Ph.D. from Harvard, you’re very likely to be a Democrat. But if you’re the janitor cleaning out the classroom, you’re very likely to be a Republican now.


It’s a matter of common sense and reality. People know when they walk in the grocery store, it’s a lot more expensive and they have a lot less money than they did under under Donald Trump. And I think that’s going to be a huge part of this election. And Joe Biden can’t give enough hyped up speeches to cover up that reality.

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