Newt Gingrich on Hannity | March 12, 2024


Well, I mean, it shows you how much Biden’s policies and Bidenomics have just plain failed. This is not complicated. Go and stand outside any grocery store and ask people if things are dramatically more expensive than four or five years ago in the near future go and stand outside any gas station and ask the same question. Look at what’s happening to young people. in fact, Joe Biden has suffered his biggest loss of support from people under 30. Why? Because they’re finding out they can’t get a decent job. They can’t afford a car. They can’t afford a house. They’re being forced, in some cases, to live with their parents. In other cases you’re getting six or seven people jointly trying to buy something together. The Biden system simply doesn’t work and it doesn’t work on the border. It doesn’t work in the economy. It doesn’t work in foreign policy. It doesn’t work in dealing with drugs. And I think this is a genuine, deep crisis. And I don’t care how many ads they buy this year. The Biden people are not going to be able to convince the average American that their life is better under Joe Biden.


Look, I think that speech was not designed for the average American. If they had a reason for doing that speech, it was one to prove he could actually talk for an hour and 15 minutes without collapsing. And they succeeded. And two to reach out to his left, remember all the Democrats who are jumping up, yelling four more years. They really wanted to seal off all this conversation about dumping Joe Biden. But that speech was against about 70% of the American people and they know it. Point that Victor Davis Hanson made brilliantly that if you watch Biden’s speech style, he gets really angry when he talks about Americans. He’s really angry if you’re a conservative, he’s really angry if you’re a fundamentalist Christian. He’s really angry if you’re a Republican. But now if you’re the Houthis or you’re Hamas or you’re Iran or you’re the Russians or you’re the Chinese communist. Well, he’s not all that angry. And I think it’s really tells you the underlying dynamic of the American left, that it basically deeply dislikes America and deeply wants to profoundly change us, which is why they’re bringing in so many million illegal immigrants.

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