Newt Gingrich and Larry Kudlow| March 4, 2024

NEWT: Well, you know, the challenge is that culturally, if you’re on the left, you can’t deal with reality. So you just reject them. The most startling thing about the most recent polls was that The New York Times was actually the worst poll for Biden. I mean, they showed Trump beginning to pull away in a decisive way. They show him now carrying Latino voters. They show him gaining ground among African-American voters. And a good friend of mine, to send me a note and say we may be seeing the replacement of the Roosevelt coalition with a brand new Trump coalition. And I think there’s a lot to that. And I think it goes back to big government socialism. It fails two tests. It can’t perform. So your life is more miserable and it has a set of values that most Americans think are nuts. And when you combine those two and you go to people and say, hi, would you like four more years of millions of people coming in illegally? Would you like a lot more carjackings? Do you feel we don’t have enough people dying from fentanyl? Would you like America to get even weaker on the world stage? The average American thinks this stuff is crazy. And you’re beginning to see, I think, a very profound underlying shift in the culture at large.

NEWT: Yeah, I mean, I like the analogy which I had been using was Jimmy Carter, which was a race I was involved with on Reagan’s side. And Carter had very similar problems. But as we watch this sink in, I think with the New York Times poll, I think the analogy may be Herbert Hoover. That what you’re seeing is a 92 year old coalition falling apart in a way that they can’t put back together. Remember Bill Clinton, who was a great, great politician, realized when we won in 94 that he had to change. So he comes to the State of the Union. I’m sitting behind him. I’m the host as speaker. He gets up and he says, the era of big government is over. And, of course, you have to stand applaud it. So there I am applauding Bill Clinton. The idea that this coming Thursday night, Joe Biden is going to say anything comparable to that is laughable. These guys are stuck. They actually have no idea what’s going on in the real world. And they think a couple of good speeches, a few good ads, No people go shopping and they’re stunned. I mean, I think I Callista went the other night to get some hamburger to make some spaghetti. She came back and she said she couldn’t believe how high the price was. People are stunned when they turn on the local news and they see some illegal immigrant who’s attacked a woman or who’s stolen a car or they watch some Venezuelan thugs beating up New York policemen. I mean, this is all about reality. And what you have isa big government socialism that cannot deal with reality.

NEWT: I like her a lot. And this is the biggest audition I have ever seen. I’ll guarantee you, Callista and I are going to be sitting there watching both Biden but with much greater interest when we’re watching to see how Katie Britt does, because she could well end up being the Republican vice presidential nominee.

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