Newt Gingrich on Jesse Watters Primetime | February 19, 2024


Well, look, way back in 1973, I said in the Atlanta Constitution that Republicans have to win by at least a 4% margin just to offset Democratic vote stealing. The party of Tammany Hall has always stolen votes. They’re very good at stealing votes. And I think we have to start with two different sides. One is Republicans have to get into the game of getting people to vote very early, getting them to go to the polls, vote by mail, do whatever. But I was very disappointed in the New York special election where clearly the Republican National Committee’s Bank the Vote effort had failed totally. So if you’re not in the game, not even trying, you shouldn’t expect to win. But in addition, Scott Rasmussen recently did a report and said that among the top 1%, the people who are the head of NBC News, ABC News, the head of all the bureaucracies among those folks, 67% said they would be glad to steal an election if that’s what it took. Now, that is like, you know, ten times the national average. So you have to start with the idea that to beat Donald Trump, these folks are going to vote early, they are going to vote often. They’re going to cheat. They’re going to do everything they can. And Republicans need to understand, they need lawyers who are as tough, as ruthless, as aggressive, and they need to get into the fight and they need to get into the fight certainly by the end of July, because the elections now are so much longer than we’re used to and all too many Republican consultants haven’t caught up with reality.


Why? Why would you ask somebody who is a crook to describe himself as a crook when they can explain he was only borrowing a few things permanently? And I think Craig is a perfect example of that. All I would say, and I thought it was a great segment, by the way, all I would say is everybody who wants an honest election should know that in the long run, we need the French model. Everybody votes on the same day. Everybody has a photo I.D.. Everybody is accounted as a person. But until we get to that. If Republicans want to win this year, under the rules that exist this year, they need to out vote the Democrats by about 5%, which is a margin big enough that it can’t be stolen. They need to have everybody they can get to vote very early so they can focus on the late voters and get them out. And they need to have the largest possible number of volunteers. In Philadelphia, in Milwaukee, in Chicago, across the country, trying to stop voter theft. And it will be a it will be a look, this is a real fight. The Democrats understand.


This is life and death. 

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