Newt Gingrich on Hannity | February 15, 2024


Well, I think there was a fairly direct answer that serves the interests of the American people. Forget Republicans and Democrats forget the Congress, and that is to release the transcript, take out anything which involves a genuine secret and release everything else. If it’s true that, in fact, Hur did not ask the question about Biden’s son and that Biden himself brought it up. Then what does it tell you that part of Biden’s deliberate defense at a White House press conference is to lie to the American people or it’s possible once again, he just forgot he didn’t remember who did what. I think that’s a very serious issue, as you know. I think that’s way beyond politics. I think if it’s true that we have a commander in chief who is literally incompetent, who couldn’t go I mean, and I think the issue for the attorney general is pretty straightforward. I mean, Merrick Garland has got to decide, is it true that they cannot prosecute Joe Biden because he is too old and he has too weak a memory and he would be too sympathetic, in which case, I think they have to look at the 25th Amendment, because how can you tell the world we have a president who is so incompetent and has such deep problems cognitively that he could never get through a trial and a jury would always be sympathetic because they would think that he couldn’t possibly have done anything deliberately because he’s not capable of it. Now I think Biden is enraged at that image. But if he is enraged, then the alternative is that he’s he’s available to be tried. They can’t have it both ways. And I think that’s what Hur really set up as the choice. And I think Hur’s testimony to the Congress will almost certainly be devastating just because it will reemphasize that this was a professional, methodical, serious effort, sort of the opposite of what we’ve been watching with Fannie Willis in Atlanta, and that Hur reached a conclusion that is pretty devastating about the capacity of the President of the United States to actually do his job.


Well, look, the standard for all this was set by Hillary Clinton, who had staff take a hammer and physically destroy the hard drive, who herself apparently deleted 32 or 33,000 emails. I mean, she is sort of the model for simply destroying the evidence. And as you know, they refused to prosecute her even though she clearly was guilty of very significant violations of law about dealing with those kind of documents. So now you have the same thing happening. One of the challenges in our current totally one sided legal system is that if you’re a Democrat, you can assume that, in fact, the Justice Department, the FBI will protect you, favor you, do everything it can to avoid hurting you. And if you’re a Republican, you can assume that they will do just exactly the opposite. It is a terrible moment for America, for the rule of law and for the Constitution. 

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