Newt Gingrich on Hannity | February 09, 2024


Well, look, I think the very clear language and the very clear examples that are in the special report put on the table a very straightforward challenge. This is not about politics. This is about the survival of the United States. You have to worry about North Korea, Taiwan, Iran, all of the Middle East, Ukraine. And we’re now told we have a president based on the Department of Justice report who really doesn’t get it anymore. So at a minimum, I think the Congress should demand a cognitive test by outside sources. And if he is, in fact, as bad as the special attorney, her study is, I think they have to invoke the 25th Amendment. And as much as I disagree deeply with Kamala Harris. She is at least rational. I think, and she’s probably less of a danger to the country than a Joe Biden who doesn’t know what’s going on. Remember, he is literally the person who can start a nuclear war or he’s the person who can avoid a nuclear war by doing the right things and everything. We’re saying he’s just not there. So you don’t know what staff person is making which decision, but it’s clear Joe Biden isn’t. And I think after yesterday, my whole opinion changed because that report and I urge every American to read the key parts of that report. It is so bad and so clear that you can’t allow this guy to be commander in chief and not as a political decision, but as a matter of national survival.


Well, I think at a minimum, Merrick Garland, the attorney general, has to drop the trial against Trump, because if you look at everything Hillary did and did not get charged and now you look at the very specific things that Biden did, including, by the way, his his coauthor erased the tapes just as Hillary erased 32,000 emails, his coauthor erased the tapes of their conversations. So it is much harder now to figure out exactly what they did talk about that was secret. And this idea that the documents happened to be in his garage next to the Corvette, but they were really okay. I mean, this is but I think that’s secondary. Normally, I would have said, you know, this is a big deal. But I think the cognitive part is so much greater a threat to the country that we have to insist that somehow he be tested. And if he if he can’t be tested, then I think we have to insist that they implement the 25th Amendment. I can’t overstate this. Nuclear war can be a matter of minutes. The idea that this guy, particularly when he has a secretary of defense who goes awol away without leave for a week and doesn’t even tell him, although you have now ask the question, if he had told him, would would would Biden have remembered? I mean, I think this is really not funny. It’s not Woodrow Wilson had a very serious stroke, was totally incapacitated. His wife actually ran the government for about a year. But that was after World War One as a relatively peaceful time. And she literally would not let anyone talk to him. We now have a president who has to make decisions that potentially involve nuclear war. And I think to allow that to be a person who is clearly mentally incompetent is terrifying.

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