Newt Gingrich on Hannity | February 02, 2024


Well, why not? I mean, look, he’s totally out of touch with reality. Take the clip you just had from Secretary Austin. If he truly takes full responsibility, he should resign. I mean, it’s nonsense to say, yeah, this whole thing was totally screwed up and it’s my fault. Now, let’s go to the next topic. You have a secretary of defense who’s clearly incapable of running the department. You have a president who’s not a commander in chief. He’s an appeaser in chief. You’ve had 150 plus attacks on Americans in the Middle East. To the best of our knowledge, the Defense Department had no plans, had not thought this through, even though the first attack was back on October 18th. You have Biden, who is as weak with with Iran as he is on the border. So you have a president who is sort of the epitome of being out of touch with reality, of being weak, and of just plain lying. He would pick on the Israelis because it’s dangerous to do something directly to the Iranians. And the truth is that this president and his administration aren’t quite sure that they want Ukraine to win. They’re certainly not sure that they want Israel to win. They definitely do not want to get involved in the fight with Iran. They say it all the time. I mean, we get hit, we lose several young Americans. And immediately the spokesperson for the Defense Department says we do not want a war with Iran. The Iranians are at war with us. The Iranians are trying to kill us. And yet you have a president who absolutely refuses to recognize reality. 


I just wrote a newsletter for tomorrow at Gingrich360 in which I said, basically it’s a question of who intimidates who. The Iranians clearly today intimidate Joe Biden, the left wing of his party intimidates Joe Biden. What we did know under Donald Trump was he was prepared to kill the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, General Soleimani, in a way which intimidated the Iranians. He was prepared to cut off all their oil money. He was prepared to throttle down their economy. They knew that if they hit him, he was going to pulverize them. And so the result was we’ve gained great ground with Saudi Arabia. We bring great, great ground across the entire Arab world. Israel was at the most peaceful it had been. And now with an America that is weak, confused and frankly, incompetent, the world grows every day dramatically more dangerous. As a historian, I think this is a very dangerous time, and I just hope we can get through to the end of the year without something disastrous happening.


Well, look, I think James Carville said it perfectly on MSNBC when he said their job is is to take basically a meat ax to Donald Trump every way they can, because if they don’t cut him down in size, he’s going to clearly win. So every time you watch some weird thing happening, the recent case in New York is an example where it was a total absurdity with a woman who could not even remember which year she was talking about. She gets an $83 million award. That’s just another meat ax. And every time you turn around, you’re seeing the Democrats go at Trump every way they can. The amazing thing and I think that’s a great tribute to the American people, is that most Americans now see through this. Most Americans understand that it’s all political. And by the way, on the border, remember, Rasmussen just reported 69% of the American people side with Texas against the federal government. Only 27% support the federal government. And if you ask strongly, 52% strongly favor Texas. Only 15% strongly favor the federal government. That’s three and a half to one. These issues are dead losers for the Democrats. And frankly, it’s a good sign about the health of the American people that they’ve decided that having rapists, murderers, drug dealers, carjackers brought into the United States with no checks is just wrong. And they are going to punish a Democratic Party, which as recently as today had a large number vote against deporting people who clearly are a danger to the American people. 

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