Newt Gingrich on Ingraham Angle | January 29, 2024


Well, look, the Democrats have a huge problem. Rasmussen, for example, today said that 69% of the American people side with Texas and only 27% are siding with the federal government. These these are real. This isn’t Newsom having a fantasy. As the former mayor of San Francisco. This is the American people saying that this administration is a failure. It is failing in the most basic job of defending America. And as you brilliantly pointed out earlier, it’s failing to defend our troops overseas. And Newsom, who again, he’s a little bit of a flake. He was the mayor of San Francisco. He lives in a fantasy land. So he can around saying anything he wants to. But the truth is there is nobody who is going to be able to defend Joe Biden because the Biden record on so many different fronts is going to be somewhere between an embarrassment and a disaster. 


Well, and frankly, Kamala Harris makes it harder because given the demographics of the Democratic Party, you can’t just walk in and casually get rid of an African-American woman no matter how incompetent she is. And so this is where the tribalism effect of the left traps them. And so, I mean, my personal guess and here I’m a big fan of Mark Halperin, and he and I are in total agreement. I think Biden is going to be the nominee. I mean, under what circumstances? I mean, the more I think about it, you have the White House, you have Camp David, you have Air Force One, you got Marine One, or you can spend the rest of your life bicycling in Delaware. What what’s the upside for Joe Biden leaving the White House voluntarily? Now he’s going to leave the White House because the American people are going to repudiate him. And by the way, there’s a London Telegraph poll this morning that’s amazing. Trump’s now carrying people under 30, which is an area where Biden had a 26 point lead. But they’re looking past ideology and they’re saying, I can’t get a job. I can’t buy a house, I can’t pay off my student loans. I’d like to go back to that guy that got things to work. A huge underlying shift is going on in this country.


Well, I’ve been an active Republican my whole life. Every once in a while, part of the party becomes suicidally stupid. That Bill is suicidally stupid. It makes no sense. I will oppose it every way I can. And I hope that every Republican activists in the country will oppose it. It is a total sellout and it’s just dumb. I mean, it’s like having I feel an absolute winning hand and saying, please, can I just lay these down and lose the game anyway? I mean, all they’ve got to do is say, we want to stop everything now, not. When I first heard that has has 5000 people a day gets to come in and that doesn’t count as illegal immigration. I thought these guys had got I don’t know what they’re drinking, but it’s not good. 

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