Newt Gingrich on Fox & Friends | December 4, 2023


Well, because the fact is, their idea of standing up for Palestine is to wipe out every Jew in Israel. Remember when, when Hamas talks., they’re very clear about this, they say not a single Jew will remain. So let’s not kid each other. The people who are out there rallying for Hamas are rallying for terrorism and for genocide. And frankly, we should be much more aggressive in responding to it and much more aggressive in deporting any student who’s here on a student visa who’s involved in this kind of pro terrorist, pro genocide position. And we should also be investigating our universities who have become basically hothouses for growing people who I think are crazy I mean their position would involve wiping out all the people in Israel. And I don’t think they understand it. I think their professors have totally misled them. And I think that it’s time for decent people to stand up and say, enough.


Look, I think having billionaires or multi-millionaires like John Kerry fly around the world, remember, there’s an entire climate change industry. There were 400,000 people, 400,000. They’re all gathered together to earn a living off the taxpayers of the world, selling us stuff that doesn’t work. The Europeans will tell you relying on wind and relying on solar means, one, you’ll go broke and two, you’re going to be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer because the systems don’t work enough to replace fossil fuels. What you have and you’re seeing this, by the way, with automobiles, were auto dealers have written Biden and said we can’t sell the cars. Government mandates don’t work if the customers refuse to show up. So, I mean, Kerry is basically represents the insanely extreme wing of the environmental movement. I taught environmental studies. I think there are a lot of practical, commonsense things you can do, none of which would appeal to John Kerry.


Well, look, I think if you’re a Democrat, you have to ask yourself, do you want to vote against learning what happened with Chinese money, Russian money, Kazakhstan money, Romanian money, Ukraine money. Do you really want to go home and say, yes, I defended Joe Biden’s right to be a crook. If you’re a Republican, do you really want to guarantee a primary opponent by voting against looking at it? This doesn’t impeach him. There’s simply gives Congress additional power to force the White House to reveal documents and to force people to come and testify. And frankly, given the amount we’ve learned already about the money that came in from all these dictatorships and the degree to which the Biden family is essentially corrupt, I think the American people deserve to know whether or not their commander in chief is, in fact, in debt to the Chinese dictator, the Russian dictator, etc.. It is really pretty shocking and probably the biggest presidential scandal in American history.

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