Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | November 30, 2023


Well, look, I think that the left is deeply committed to taking your money. Spending it on their friends. I mean, think about the irony. You go to the Middle East, the center of producing oil and gas in order to have a conference about why you shouldn’t produce oil and gas. And they’re good enough that they say with a straight face. I mean, this is, you know, an amazing Broadway show which goes all over the world playing from place to place. Its John Kerry flying in to the next five star hotel to go to the next gourmet restaurant in order to be deeply worried. At which point he has to go back, get on his plane to go to the next five star hotel, to the next gourmet restaurant to be even more worried. This whole thing is an elite rip off of everyday workers. And that’s why you’re seeing in Argentina and Holland and Italy and across the planet a move towards the right from people who begin to realize they’re the ones paying. You know, when John Kerry talks about giving away money, guess what? That’s your money. John Kerry is cheerful about taking money from you to give to these people he’s never met who will then, by the way, mostly squander it. They won’t achieve anything. It’s an absurdity. And historians will someday look back and say, how could they have been so stupid for so long?


His words suggest a redistribution because they want to skim off the top to take care of their friends. If we had a list of every green energy project the US government has funded, which has failed totally and then said, Well, where did the money go?  You’ll find virtually all of them are donors to the Democratic Party. This whole thing is a rigged game.


Well, let me say, first of all, Callista and I are going to watch because I think it’s, you know, in Newsom’s case, he wants to be the available candidate in case anything happens to Biden. He can’t be too aggressive. He can’t say anything negative. But he wants to be the number one person. And if anything happens to Biden and the Democrats become desperate for a candidate in DeSantis case, he wants to restart a campaign which didn’t do very well for the first nine months. But I think the choice here and I’ve talked to Sean about this, you have two profoundly different philosophies with two amazingly different results. You have people moving into Florida at a wild level. You have people leaving California. And to just say to each of them, explain why you think people are coming to your state. And in the case of Newsom, explain why you think people are leaving your state. Remember, San Francisco was such a disaster. They created an entire Potemkin village of fakery so that Xi Jinping could arrive without being embarrassed. And the day he left, they took it all down. I mean, the whole system in California is collapsing so badly that it’s kind of astonishing. But the Democrats have so much power and the media out there is so irrelevant that the state just keeps stumbling towards disaster. And as a result, millions of people are leaving California.

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