Newt Gingrich on Hannity | November 20, 2023


Well, I think they’re doing a lot of it. I think that if you look at the bills, they’ve been passing aid Israel, but offset by cutting money out of the Internal Revenue Service, a series of steps, a very strong parental rights bill that virtually every Democrat voted against. I think there are a lot of steps they can take. But you also have to be realistic. I think what Speaker Johnson decided was that keeping the government open was the practical next step given where they were in the mess that they’d been in, and I suspect that was right, now they’re going to have some big fights over appropriations. But in the long run, there are a lot of other things the House Republicans are doing that are going to end up mattering. The fact is that the Biden family increasingly looks like in a newsletter recently I called them the Delaware Sopranos. We get more evidence every week from people like Chairman Comer and Chairman Jordan and Chairman Smith. Every single week. We’re getting more evidence that this is just a family of crooks. And that’s an important job, which would not be happening if the House Republicans didn’t have a majority. So I think you’re going to see both the process of legislation and the process of investigation moving forward. But but let me also be clear. If if Biden can’t solve the challenge with Israel, the challenge with Ukraine, the challenge on the border, the challenge with fentanyl, the challenge with crime, the challenge with prices going up everywhere. Callista and I were just out shopping yesterday and I mean, the degree to which grocery prices keep going up affects every single American. It’s not about polling. It’s not about advertising. It’s about pain.


Well, I think the I’ve done a lot of work on what happened in the midterms and what happened just a week ago. And part of my conclusion is that Republicans do not yet understand the scale of the Democratic machine. When you take the Service Employees union, you take the teachers union. You take the left wing activist groups. You take billionaires like Soros. The total weight if you go U.S. Senate race by U.S. Senate race, for example, or narrow House races or in Virginia, some of the legislative races, we’re just not big enough. And we’re like a mid-sized college team in the Super Bowl. And we’re going to have to really get a grip this year on what are we going to do to offset the sheer weight of left wing money, which is desperately trying to retain control for a practical reason, Joe Biden is spending six trillion two hundred billion dollars annually. Now if you’re a left wing union or a left wing interest group, losing control of 6.2 trillion gets you pretty darn motivated. And that’s a big part of what’s going on.

NEWT: Well, I think it’s very dangerous for the Republicans and very dangerous for the country. What you have today is a nationwide machine on the left, a machine made up of interest groups. I mean, for example, the New York City Democrats are going to be asking for billions to pay for Joe Biden’s illegal immigrants. Billions. And they’re going to want the money. The city of Chicago, the mayor is going to want billions. You go across the whole country and what you see is interest group after interest group that’s going to want the money. What you have on the Republican side are people who are really worried about the budget. They really want to get to a balance. They want to save Social Security and Medicare. Well, all those things are a direct threat to the interest groups on the left. Now, the difference in a presidential race, particularly if Donald J. Trump’s involved, is he is such a huge figure. He is not a candidate. He is the champion of millions of Americans, the leader of a movement very different than anything we’ve seen in most of American history. He can rise above, no matter how much money the left has. He has the capacity to reach the American people despite them. And you have to say, as of tonight, he’s certainly going to be the nominee. And the odds are much better than even maybe three out of five or four out of five that he’ll be the next president,

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