Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | November 7, 2023


Well, I think this is a fascinating test. First of all, because Governor Youngkin has done a great job. He’s at about 57% approval. So he’s bringing a lot to the table and he has raised a fair amount of money. The Democrats understand if they lose badly tonight in Virginia, that’s a terrible omen for 24 and will increase the demand that Biden quit running for reelection. So there’s a lot at stake here. It’s also good test of whether you can take a governor who’s very problem solving, go into the suburbs, which, remember, are very heavily federal employee and are dominated by The Washington Post coverage. And so Virginia has always in recent years been an uphill slog for Republicans. Youngkin has taken it head on. He’s done a great job. He’s had a very intelligent program of early voting. And I’m looking forward to the first precincts, because the truth is, I don’t care what the polls tell you. I want to see what the American people who cared enough to go vote as a very important test of what’s going on out there. And I think you’re going to see in Kentucky, New Jersey, Missouri and and Mississippi and some local races in New York. It’s a very interesting test of whether Biden has depressed the Democrats and whether the issues have aroused both Republicans and independents. And I’m very much looking forward to the results tonight.


Look, I tell every audience what you’re seeing on the hard left is not a political problem. It’s a mental health problem. These are people who genuinely are out of touch with reality. They live in a very strange, paranoid world. They have you know, I mean, people, for example, who can rally in favor of cutting off the heads of babies are pretty sick. It’s not just a political argument. The people you showed a while ago on the floor of the House who were babbling, some of them almost incoherently. They’re defending a level of terrorism that takes you back to the Middle Ages. This is barbaric behavior. And yet, in their minds, it’s all perfectly appropriate. So they could easily have been the person walking up to that poll worker in Virginia. And it tells you, I think, how deeply fanatical the hard left has become.


There was a left wing Democratic project in June of 2020 trying to game out what they would do if Trump won reelection. And it basically was a genuine effort at thinking through an insurrection when Trump won and when they were shocked. They had meetings in eight cities the following day. I mean, it’s not like, oh, let’s give them a chance. It’s like immediately they decided they had to undermine and defeat him. And I’m writing a series on The American Spectator right now trying to explain how we got to the current disaster and the level of paranoia, the level of hatred on the left. The degree to which they know, you know, they don’t just hate Israel. They hate America. They hate the concept of the Constitution. It’s  an enormous problem.

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