Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | November 1, 2023


No. Look, I think the most interesting question historically that we’re now faced with is how long can the New York Times and The Washington Post avoid every single example of Clinton of Biden corruption? Remember Biden not only just got we were told this week he got another check from China. Earlier, we were told that he got a $200,000 check from his brother from China. Well, we’ve now been told that there are some 80,000 plus emails under false names that he used while vice president that are at the National Archives. I mean, at what point does this become so obviously the most corrupt administration in American history that even his allies at The New York Times and The Washington Post, have to finally break down and decide they’re going to start assigning reporters and doing what they should be doing if they were actually really newspapers.


But for the average American, there is an easy common sense question. If these guys were named Joe Wilmington, would they have gotten the money out of China? Would they have gotten the money out of Romania? Would they have gotten the money out of Russia? Would they have gotten the money out of Ukraine? Would they’ve gotten the money out of Kazakhstan? No person in America except some hard left dweeb believes that this money went for any reason except that Joe Biden, was a major political force and that he was basically trading on his name and that his family was getting wealthy off of his name and that he did things that aren’t explained. You know, he now has three times as many emails as Hillary Clinton did that are from a fake name. I mean, this is an astonishing in a normal world, the entire apparatus of the Justice Department would be going nuts tearing this apart. If his name was Richard Nixon. This would now be a gigantic scandal and he would be right on the edge of impeachment. I mean, let’s just be clear. Only the desperation of the establishment to avoid Donald Trump winning is allowing them to prop up what is clearly a corrupt, totally dishonest and routinely everyday lying family who are closer to The Sopranos than they are to George Washington.

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