Defeating the pro-Terrorist Democrats

by Newt Gingrich

The pro-terrorist Democrats who have been defending Hamas and condemning Israel need to be defeated in their Democrat primaries in 2024.

The national party should act. There is no excuse for their defense of the most barbaric and methodical assault of our time. Hamas’s targeting has been deliberately evil.

The vicious, inhumane assault by Hamas terrorists on Israeli civilians (and tourists who were caught up in the attack) should have convinced any decent person that Hamas is a genuine terrorist organization. They violate every rule of civilized behavior and aspect of the law of war.

They killed 40 babies, wiped out families, and deliberately targeted children (recently recovered planning documents for the attack indicate this was explicitly intentional). They took hostage a grandmother who had survived the Holocaust as a child. They’ve dragged the bodies of dead women through the streets as people spit on them. They killed 250 young people who were at pro-peace rave. These are all the acts of terrorists. The level of viciousness is worthy of the Nazis.


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