Newt Gingrich on Hannity | October 16, 2023


Well, they’re propagandists for the left. But listening to you defend yourself. That was pretty good. I mean, you had that down pat. I always like it’s when you start getting on a roll. So it’s good stuff. Yeah. Over the years, you know, I think there’s one thing people need to know about Jim Jordan in his wrestling career he was 156 to 1. He won two national championships. And if, you know, competitive wrestlers, they’re very focused. They’re very determined. They have an enormous instinct for figuring out how to get the other person to lose. And Jordan is a very serious, very competent person. Callista and I were able to have dinner with him and his team just before this Congress opened up. And it was very revealing watching him work with the entire committee and how close he was to his committee members. My guess is either on the first or the second ballot tomorrow, he will be the speaker. I think Speaker McCarthy has a pretty good sense of exactly where they are. He has a good chance of making the first ballot. I think he almost certainly will make it on the second ballot because there are a handful of moderates, frankly, who are so angry at the Benedict Arnolds who created this mess that I think they find it hard to turn right around and give them a chance to say, gee, I won. Look, look how smart I am. So several of them indicated they might vote for, for example, for Speaker McCarthy on the first ballot. My hunch is if they did, they would pivot and immediately vote for Jim Jordan. I suspect, except for the couple of people are nuts who were part of that eight people who betrayed their party. I suspect almost every Republican now understands that with was a war going on in Israel with a war going on in Ukraine with the problems we have on the border. This is not a time for the House Republican Party to look childish and silly and in disarray. And I think the pressure will be very great tomorrow to elect Jordan. And I think Jordan will be a very strong, very compelling speaker. And I think he will be a very represent the whole party. I think in that sense, he gets it. He certainly has as the Judiciary Committee chairman, and I think he will be very smart at getting things done. And, of course, he’s got the same deadlines McCarthy had. And I do think, frankly, having the government still open with the war going on in Israel vindicates McCarthy’s judgment and that he did the right thing for the country, even if it made eight people angry at him in the conference.


Well, President Biden going to Jerusalem, frankly, worries me because I don’t think we have any idea what he’s likely to do. And given how weak and how appeasement oriented towards Iran that his administration has been, it has me worried. Look, there are three things. And a good friend of mine, Heather Higgins, wrote me about this this evening. There are three things that Biden could do immediately. One, he could seize the billions of dollars sitting in Guter that should never, ever go to Iran. They still haven’t done that. It’s utterly inexplicable. Two he could pressure Egypt and others to for a temporary agreement to get people out of Gaza. It’s very important if you want to minimize civilian casualties, to find a way for them to get out of the way of what should be an which I totally support, a thoroughly crushing Israeli ground offensive designed to destroy and eliminate Hamas. I mean, if Hamas exists a year from now, they have won. This has been a victory for them. If Hamas is truly destroyed, it’ll send a signal to Hezbollah in the north. It’ll send a signal to Iran that you’re going to mess with us at your own risk. The third thing I think Biden has to do is communicate to Iran and Hezbollah that we will hold them accountable. And by that I mean you don’t send two nuclear aircraft carriers and their battlegroups to the Eastern Mediterranean as a PR event. We have to be prepared to take out every asset Hezbollah has if they decide to open a second front against Israel. We have the capacity to do it. One one barrack battle group alone has over 800 Tomahawk missiles. And I think that we need to communicate clearly. You get into this game, you’re going to be crushed decisively and you’re going to follow Hamas into the trash bin of history.

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