Newt Gingrich on Hannity | October 11, 2023


Well, I think because of the Israeli war, the pressure on Republicans to really work overtime and find a solution is much, much greater. I mean, the whole world is watching and the American house has to be able to function. So I think Steve Scalise won a significant victory today. I’m sure tonight he’s trying to put together the 217 votes because we have a couple of absences. So 217 is the majority. It’s still uphill. There are still people who are saying, oh, I really don’t want to vote for him. I’m really not ready. What have you. But I think Republicans have to come together and realize whether it’s Scalise or somebody else and Steve’s a great guy, has been a good majority leader, is a solid conservative. Somebody has to get 217 votes and the House has to get its act together under our Constitution because the world’s dangerous and people like Hamas are not hanging around waiting for the House Republicans. So I hope in the next 24 hours they’ll find a way to get to 217. And I hope that by tomorrow afternoon we’ll have a speaker, Steve Scalise. You want a straight up fight? It was a fair fight with a very good member, Jim Jordan. And I think that we’ll see what actually happens.


Well, look, I think we should all start with President Biden’s very strong statement yesterday that we are dealing with pure evil. Now, if the president meant that, then the answer is to defeat and destroy Hamas. Since Gaza has 2 million people. In order to minimize civilian casualties, there ought to be some method for letting virtually all of them leave Gaza go into the areas that are nearby. Create temporary housing and temporary conditions, and then methodically destroy Gaza until they have eliminated every single element of Hamas. Not a single piece of Hamas, not a single soldier, not a single planner should be alive. And I think when you think about 40 babies in one kibbutz being killed, a number of them being beheaded. When you think about women being raped while their own phones are being used to send the rape scenes to their families, a grandmother being killed while her own phone records it so it can be put on Facebook. These people are evil. And I think when you’re faced with evil, you have to do what is necessary, not what is reasonable. And what is necessary today is the total, complete destruction of Hamas. Anything less than that is, in fact, a defeat.

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