Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | October 9, 2023


Well, my hope is that this is the beginning of an all out effort to destroy Hamas, to go into Gaza, to methodically track down every element of Hamas and literally destroy it the same way we destroyed Nazi Germany. The fact is, these are evil people. I mean, how can you watch what they’ve done in the last three or four days and not realize you’re dealing with pure evil? And they’re very open about it. There’s I just did a newsletter about the fact you have quote after quote from Hamas leaders, Not a single Jew will remain. Well, what do you think that means? These are people committed fully as much as the Nazis to genocide. And I think that my hope is that the Israelis will decide that they are now not going to just bomb them, not just going to, you know, cause some damage, but that they’re going to methodically destroy the capacity of Hamas, wipe out not just its leadership, but arrest every single member who’s been active militarily in any way and create an alternative government in Gaza. Anything short of that And five, ten, 15 years from now, we’re going to be right back at the same horrible situation. So I think this is a very, very important turning point. And I think Biden can make a real contribution this evening. There is $6 billion sitting in a bank that has not been released to Iran. Biden should prove he really favors being active by simply freezing that money, taking it away from the Iranians. Well, it could, for example, be turned over to the Israelis to be used to rebuild all the things that Hamas has destroyed in the last four days. That would be an intelligent, active step to strengthen Israel and to weaken Iran.


Well, I mean, first of all, no serious person thinks that this administration has a clue about what it’s doing. There are reports, you know, that some of the American weapons from Afghanistan are now being used by Hamas, which would just be a further example of the collapse of the American system under the Biden leadership. But remember, it’s not just about being sentient and having cognition. Obama was a very clever person. He was just totally wrong about Iran. You can believe the wrong things and be very articulate. You can also be totally inarticulate, which Biden is. But the reason I put bringing up the $6 billion is it’s a straightforward test. And the Congress should, if necessary, pass a law. And I think they get an overwhelming vote in both House and Senate that says this money will be taken back and it will be turned over to the Israelis to help them rebuild precisely the damage which, remember, the Iranians planned all this. The Iranians funded this, the Iranians provided the weapons and the training, and the Iranians gave them permission to do it. So to make the Iranians pay for rebuilding Israel would have, I think, a certain justification and would be a practical, real signal that this stuff is going to cost Iran more and more.


Well, I just I’m just picking up what Victor Davis Hanson earlier about people in the West Bank always lying. This administration always lies. Why would you think anybody in the Biden administration would ever tell the truth about anything? They can’t survive if they tell the truth. But this is a straightforward test, and I hope that Schumer gets back from China. I hope the Republicans get their act together in the House and I hope they pass a law and overwhelming the president’s veto, take the $6 billion and give it to Israel to help them rebuild what Iran helped destroy.

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