Newt Gingrich on Hannity | August 22, 2023

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Look, I think this visit to Maui, frankly, is just plain frightening. How can you have a commander in chief who is totally out of touch with reality, who makes up a story which is a lie, who has no understanding of the scale of the disaster which has occurred, who has literally has no empathy for the human beings around him. And I think and of course, as you point out, can’t even stay awake now. I think that people need to look at this not as a political problem, but as a national problem. We have a commander in chief, it makes you wonder who’s making the decisions in the White House. I personally have a hunch it’s Barack Obama and you have to wonder, how is the system running? In a real crisis how could Joe Biden decide anything? He would all be delegated. And frankly, as an American, I’m ashamed. Callista and I have been to Lahaina many times. It’s a wonderful town. It’s a great historic place. And we love Maui and we love that part of the coast. And to see it destroyed like this, to realize it is almost like Pompeii in Italy. You have families, entire families who were burned to death who are found now. I saw one report that firefighters are having a very hard time psychologically going from house to house because the scenes of little children, the scenes of families who had gathered in the bathtub, in the shower, trying to find one last place where there was water. I mean, all of this. And then you learn two big things. One, that the electric company had asked for several years for approval to spend the money getting rid of the invasive grasses that are at the heart of the fire. And they’ve been turned down because the money was supposed to be spent on going green. Well, that went red and killed people. And second, that you did have and a former Obama official who was a water resource manager who for 5 hours refused to release the water, who wanted to talk about how do we make sure that everything’s worked out all right. And frankly, there is a movement among some of the left wing nutcakes in Ohio and Oahu and Maui to not allow water to be used to fight fires. Now, I think he explained that to me. They value the the water going to the taro crop more than the water protecting human beings. I just think that’s an extraordinary psychological condition it’s not ideological. It’s psychological.


Well, we saw it with George Bush, with George W Bush and Katrina. I mean, The New York Times would be page one. All the major networks would have a horrendous stories. Every single person out there who serves on NBC, CBS would be condemning this heartless, cruel. I mean, you have to you have to say to yourself, this is beyond just being heartless. This guy is nuts. He’s out of touch with reality. I mean, how can you stand in Lahaina surrounded by death and talk about your 67 Corvette? I mean, it really worries me that this is the guy who’s commander in chief for the most powerful military in the world. And believe me, every leader on the planet watches Joe Biden collapsing and knows that the US is beginning to be available as a victim because this commander in chief, in fact, it’s sort of a I would say he’s closer to being a sleeper in chief than he is to being a commander in chief.


Look, I don’t think it’s complicated. First of all, Hunter has no capacity to be grateful, no capacity to think beyond his own addicted self. So he’s going to do whatever he has to do to try to protect himself. But but let’s be honest, for a minute. I mean, I ask every American, you look at all the information. It’s not complicated. Joe Biden is a crook. His family are crooked. They run what is basically it’s ironic that Donald Trump’s being charged under RICO. Well, in fact, Joe Biden has been running an organized crime operation. I think if you watch The Sopranos take out the murders and watch the rest of The Sopranos, you’ll understand the Bidens. This whole notion that it’s really complicated and it’s really confusing. No, it’s not. Burisma, a Ukrainian company in deep trouble. is paying $1,000,000 a year to Hunter Hunter’s father, who’s vice president of the United States picks up the phone, apparently under three different aliases using a phone, which some people believe was Peter Schweizer, among others believe was probably paid for by one of Hunter Biden’s companies. So here sitting in the White House is the vice president, United States, talking on a secret phone, using an alias, talking to the president of Ukraine on behalf of the company, which is paying his son $1,000,000. Now, how hard is it to understand that? I think at virtually any honest American will understand this immediately this is crooked.

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