Newt Gingrich on Fox & Friends | July 27, 2023


Yeah, I think Speaker McCarthy has it about right. The next step is to learn a lot more. And if you have a impeachment inquiry, you have a much broader range of Congress insisting that people answer. We have really two parallel stories. One is the corruption of the Biden family. The other is the corruption of the Justice Department, which we just saw yesterday when Hunter Biden’s secret deal collapsed in court. And I think having an impeachment inquiry, which may or may not lead to impeachment, but it’s going to lead to a lot more evidence coming out. And the case against Joe Biden is going to get worse and worse. And frankly, the case against the attorney general in the Justice Department is going to get worse and worse. So I think Speaker McCarthy is about right. Calm, measured. You get the facts, do whatever you have to do to get those facts and then see where it leads to. But don’t don’t leap ahead and assume you know more than you do.


Well, I think that it’s very hard to see the Senate ultimately convicting, as you noted in the other three impeachment examples. The Senate ultimately stopped them. And I think for two reasons. One is the Senate still has a lot of Democrats. It takes a two thirds majority to convict. And the other is the prospect that if you were to remove Joe Biden with all of his weaknesses, with the corruption, with the cognitive decline, you’d get Kamala Harris. And I think most Americans would agree that Kamala Harris is a much greater danger to the country as president than Joe Biden is. So I think the important thing here, though, is to get out in the open what the facts are. And frankly, the Republicans in the House have an opportunity to stop this whole thing by simply cutting off funding on September 30th for the Justice Department’s various activities and insisting that all the records be turned over that relate to Biden. And I think it is ultimately going to go back and relate to the Clinton Foundation. These are two centers of corruption that people are going to be shocked at, how much money was involved and how many foreigners were involved. These these are these are the both cases where foreigners were giving lots of money to U.S. government officials. We deserve to know the details. I mean, if you don’t get it out in the open, you’re never going to get it cleaned up.

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