Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | July 19, 2023


Well, first of all, an administration that has Kamala Harris and John Kerry may have the lowest practical I.Q. of any administration in American history. I mean, these people are unbelievable. They are totally out of touch with reality. Kerry always has been. And, you know, as Secretary of State, he ran around the planet going from four star hotel to four star hotel to have elegant meetings in five star restaurants and accomplished nothing except strengthening Iran and weakening the United States. Now he’s back at the same business he has no clue about the real world. And to think that the Chinese communist dictatorship is going to be impressed by John Kerry’s you know, his whole belief in a green world that’s going to magically occur is nuts. The Chinese are building more coal plants. The Chinese are building more polluting industries. The Chinese are committed to economic growth and they’re not going to give up any of that to make John Kerry and the Sierra Club feel better. So this was a fool’s errand carried out by a fool, and he achieved exactly what you could expect


Well, of course. But we have to expect that they are afraid. The Biden team is afraid of the Chinese. They consistently kowtow to them I mean, when the secretary of treasury went over and literally kowtowed to the Chinese prime minister as an act of indicating who the superior person was, and I’m not sure she knew that, because I’m not sure she’s much more in touch with reality than Kerry is. The Chinese communist dictatorship is pretty straightforward. It’s interested in China. It wants to be the dominant country in the world. It’s investing heavily in science and technology and military capability. And it’s not going to deviate from that one inch just because John Kerry shows up and has a, I’d be very curious what the recipes on the menus were. I’m sure they were elegant. I’m sure he had terrific dinners, wonderful lunches, interesting breakfasts. And so he can go home, a happy man. He essentially is the world traveler in government office.

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