Newt Gingrich on Fox & Friends | July 11, 2023


Look, I mean, the immediate crisis is getting enough weapons to the Ukrainians that they can effectively defeat the Russians. The West has taken far too long and far too slow to support them and much too piecemeal. And the truth is, as President Biden inadvertently said, they admitted the other day, we were short on ammunition. We have not ramped up our production capabilities. And I think that NATO should collectively agree that their number one job the next year is to arm and train the Ukrainians who aren’t asking any of us to fight for them. They’re just asking for the equipment to get the job done. And I think every other issue is secondary to defeating Russia and Ukraine and forcing the Russians to accept that they’re not going to be allowed to invade their neighbors. Nothing else matters compared to that.


Well, in part of it is just plain incompetence. For example, when the president touched the king and it sort of was the president sort of guiding the king in the king’s own castle. Technically, you don’t touch the king. You know, so either he didn’t get a very good briefing or being, you know, Joe Biden at this stage in his life he forgot whatever he was told. In the case of Yellen, I cannot overstate for our audience in the context of Chinese history, a person who kowtow who bow, who bows to the other person is indicating clearly their inferiority. They’re saying you’re the superior person. I’m the inferior person. For the American secretary of the Treasury to go to Beijing to bow to a Chinese communist dictatorship is incredible. And you have to assume it’s because they’re just utterly incompetent at understanding the real world. I always tell people liberals are folks who watched The Lion King and thought it was a documentary. And they really do believe lions and zebras sing and dance together. And we can’t get them to understand the lions eat zebras. The Chinese are not Yellen’s friends. They’re not people. You’ll notice he didn’t bow back. And by the way, he had a very similar thing happen when Secretary of State Blinken went over because he walked all the way across the stage to see Xi Jinping, who stood waiting for the supplicant, the American to come to him. And in Chinese culture, in all of Asian culture, these kind of symbolic events are very real and they send very powerful signals. What about the how will they address what’s happening in China with China’s increasing threats to Taiwan? How will NATO handle that? Well, I mean, we hope that it’s there is a bluff. But again, notice notice the pattern. The American secretary of the treasury goes to China, do the Chinese act nice, no. They try to seize an island that belongs to the Philippines, who is an American ally and is Xi Jinping there paying there, greeting her in Beijing? No. He goes to the eastern front, which is the area directly across from Taiwan, and gives a very warlike speech saying you have to be ready. You have to be prepared. We may have to fight. I mean, they’re sending every signal they can that they’re the big guy. They’re tough, they’re dominant, and that the Biden administration is just a bunch of basically ignorant wimps.

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