Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | June 21, 2023


Look, I think in the minds of a lot of left wingers, the Republicans are a much greater danger than the Chinese communists. They have lots of things in common with the Chinese communists. They both believe in brainwashing. They both believe in establishing an accepted truth. They both believe in using the government to coerce citizens. You know, neither of them particularly likes the United States. Neither are American left wingers nor the Chinese Communist. In the case of Biden, it’s important to remember that he had a center at the University of Pennsylvania while the University of Pennsylvania was getting over $40 million from the Chinese communist that Blinken was paid by that center. Nine people currently in the White House were paid by that center. The University of Delaware, which houses Biden’s senatorial records, has a very big Chinese contribution. Of course, Hunter got millions of dollars out of China, as he did out of Romania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. So what you have is the most corrupt administration in American history, probably the best administration that Chinese have ever bought. And you have a total bias. Blinken is pathetic, but that’s perfectly reasonable. He’s pathetic because he is pathetic. He can’t stand up for America. He can’t take on the Chinese. They can’t tell the truth about anything that’s going on. And we have no strategy. The Chinese don’t just, aren’t just working in Cuba. They’re working in virtually every country in Latin America. And there is no American countervailing strategy that matters. And so I think for the long term future of this country, this is a very serious problem.


Well, I mean, look, look, let’s start with the obvious. As you know, I wrote a book several years ago called Trump versus China. We outlined the whole threat of Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. The fact is, the what you’re dealing with right now, Xi Jinping is a dictator, just like elephants are large. To describe Xi Jinping as anything but a dictator would be just stupid. It would be totally out of touch with reality. The Chinese Communist Party runs a dictatorship, and it’s the Chinese Communist Party which matters, not the government, which is why Xi Jinping’s real role as secretary general is much more important than his role as president. So this is a it’s a maoist Leninist dictatorship, literally modeled on Lenin and Stalin. And it is a totalitarian system. And to suggest anything else is just plain is a lie it’s just not true.

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