Newt Gingrich on Hannity | June 9, 2023


Look, I think all of us who are conservative have misunderstood what’s going on. It’s a lot like Hillary. They didn’t prosecute Hillary because she’s so likable. They didn’t prosecute Hunter because after all, he’s such a nice guy. They’re not going to go after Joe because, after all, he means well. I mean, what you have here is absolute total corruption. And I have a couple simple tests frankly, for the House Republicans release the document. It’s not classified. There’s no reason every American can’t read it, put it on the Internet. Let all of us read remember, this was a confidential FBI informant who the FBI believed in enough to have paid him over $200,000 over the years. So they thought he was a very serious person. So let’s read what he had to say. Second I just did a newsletter at Gingrich360 saying that this is the wrong indictment. The Donald Trump indictment is wrong. The first indictments ought to be all the people who are mentioned as breaking the rules and breaking the law in the Durham Report. Those are FBI agents. The second indictment ought to be the two universities that still haven’t told us how much money they got from the Chinese communists while taking care of the Bidens that’s the University of Delaware and the University of Pennsylvania. University of Pennsylvania got two ambassadorships out of the deal. And there were ten Biden administration senior people being paid by the University of Pennsylvania with money that I think came directly from communist China. The third indictments ought to be the Biden family. I mean, how can you have all, you know is a very simple just ask yourself, why would the widow of the mayor of Moscow send $3 million to Hunter Biden? Why would Barisma hire a guy who clearly didn’t know anything? Three and a half million. I’m low balling. I’m trying to be conservative. Why would why would the think about it? Why would Barisma be paying him? Why would someone in Kazakhstan send him money? Why would a Chinese billionaire be sending him a diamond and as Chairman Cuomo reported the other day we know of at least one case where $3 million was sent to the Biden family from China. And finally, what does it tell you that apparently the FBI leadership insisted that the IRS disband the team that was looking into the money for the Bidens? This whole thing is sick and it puts in context what’s happening with Trump. What you have is a deliberate, vicious effort worthy of Zimbabwe or Venezuela or Cuba, but in the United States of America to have this kind of totally ruthless use of the power of the government. You know, it’s ironic. This is the week that is the anniversary of the publication of George Orwell’s 1984. And what we’re seeing is exactly the use of state power that Orwell warned us against. And I hope that the Republicans next week will release the document, put it on the Internet, but every American see it, and then ask the attorney general and the head of the FBI, how could you have had this for several years and not investigated it? I mean, there’s something profoundly sick about this.

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