The Delaware Sopranos Put America’s Survival at Risk

America is at risk. A profoundly dishonest head of a profoundly dishonest family happens to be President of the United States. 

by Newt Gingrich

A reporter asked me the other day if all the evidence about the Biden family’s money-making schemes (checks, secret messages, and meetings) meant that President Joe Biden has been lying to the public. 

I was surprised by the question. Of course, Biden has been lying. 

As I wrote early this year, the Bidens are the Delaware equivalent of the Sopranos (minus killing the people who irritate them). The late James Gandolfini (who played Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series) would be proud of the starring role Biden has played in America’s long running, very-real-life crime drama. It would never have occurred to the New Jersey Sopranos to make money in China, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, as well as here at home.

You can imagine Tony Soprano sitting down at exquisite Washington DC restaurants with a dozen businessmen from various dictatorships and centers of corruption. 

You can clearly visualize Hunter Biden in a role similar to Christopher Moltisanti, (Tony Soprano’s drug addicted screw-up nephew) in the Delaware Sopranos.

Moltisanti is a pathetic crook who whines to Tony about his uncontrollable failures of character, judgement, and performance. Tony, of course, turns to some allies to give the kid a chance – a little hustling, car-jacking, maybe a cut of the local drug dealing – to give him some self-respect and turn him into a standup crook. In the case of the Delaware Sopranos, Joe Biden just made Hunter Biden his bag man.

President Joe Biden gets up every morning with two choices: tell the truth and go to jail or get driven out of office; or lie like a fish and hope the leftwing propaganda media keeps protecting him and pretending all the evidence does not mean anything.

So far, Joe Biden’s lying has worked well for him. He is still president and none of his family members are in jail (yet).

Meanwhile, three House Republican chairmen and two dedicated senators have unearthed a lot of evidence already. Their steady, methodical work is continuing.

We owe a debt of gratitude to House Oversight Committee Chairmen Jim Comer, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith. Senators Chuck Grassley (the greatest defender of whistleblowers in history) and Ron Johnson (a relentless investigator into Biden corruption) also deserve our thanks. 

Their relentless pursuit of the facts despite ridicule from the leftwing media, stonewalling by the White House and the Justice Department, and aggressive lawyers defending the Biden crime family has begun to pay off.

Every week there is more evidence that the Biden family has been using phony companies, fake email addresses, cut outs, and other seemingly clever efforts to disguise the sources of their money. This is all the appropriate behavior for people who know they doing something illegal and can’t survive the light of day.

Unlike the fictional New Jersey Sopranos, the Delaware Bidens are real – and a threat to national security. Despite all the leftwing media effort to avoid the facts, the truth is slowly emerging.

Andy McCarthy is a remarkable attorney who spent nearly 20 years as a federal prosecutor (including convictions for the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993).

McCarthy has analyzed what we already know about Biden corruption and reached some sobering conclusions. In National Review he wrote: ‘

“Would the American people have elected Joe Biden, despite the widespread disdain for then-president Donald Trump, if it had been widely understood that Biden was bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist regime?

“The question presses because, as it turns out, the incumbent president actually is what the media-Democrat complex falsely claimed the prior president was: a clandestine agent of a hostile foreign power — indeed, America’s greatest geopolitical foe by whom, it is convincingly argued, we are already confronted in a second Cold War.

McCarthy also points out that the Hunter Biden laptop story – which the corporate media aggressively censored and attempted to discredit – was all real. It appears Joe Biden is in fact “the Big Guy.” As we learned in the last few weeks, from the $40,000 check he received, he does get a 10 percent cut of Hunter Biden’s shady business deals with foreign adversaries.

Further, McCarthy points out that all this was knowable before the 2020 election – through the New York Post’s reporting and another McCarthy piece in National Review called “Collusion Tale: China and the Bidens.”

As McCarthy put it in his closing line: “The story has gotten more damning with the additional evidence unearthed by the Oversight Committee under the direction of Chairman James Comer (R., Ky.). But it hasn’t changed.”

To be clear: This is not about politics. America is at risk. A profoundly dishonest head of a profoundly dishonest family happens to be President of the United States. He is so corrupt and lies so frequently, it is impossible to know what might happen.

Remember that this week when President Biden meets with Chinese Communist Dictator Xi Jinping. It is the paymaster meeting with the head of a family he has helped enrich. Every American should be worried.

This is not a TV show. This is reality. It is far scarier than Tony Soprano could ever have imagined.

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