Biden Announces Four More Years of Corruption, Coercion, and Incompetence

We have now had two and a half years to learn what Biden Democrats are like. The American people will resoundingly reject that future.

by Newt Gingrich

As you watch President Joe Biden’s announcement that he will run for re-election, remember what he is promising.

As I write this, the Pentagon is trying to explain why we can’t rescue Americans from the civil war in Sudan. Meanwhile, other countries are flying into a secure airfield and doing their jobs. It has the sense of Afghanistan all over again.

The best efforts of the propaganda media and the corrupt leadership of the Department of Justice have been spent protecting Hunter Biden, the President’s son. Every week we learn more about the Biden family influence peddling with foreign billionaires and governments, which goes back to when Joe Biden was vice president. As more details about the flow of money come out, it is clear that President Biden is among the most corrupt presidents in American history.

The corruption extends well beyond the Biden family. When Secretary of State Antony Blinken ran the Penn-Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania Chinese communists poured millions into the university. Furthermore, Blinken turned out to be the campaign operative who got 51 intelligence officers to sign a letter which lied about the Hunter Biden laptop (polls in 2020 indicated as many as one-in-six Americans would have shifted against Joe Biden if they had known about his family’s dealings with China, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan).

None of these acts of corruption are likely to be prosecuted, because Attorney General Merrick Garland is the most partisan attorney general since John Mitchell in the Richard Nixon administration. Mitchell went to prison for obstruction of justice. The recent whistle blowers indicate Garland and other senior Biden appointees may be running the same risk.

Incompetence is clear on almost every front beginning with the most uninformed and clueless vice president in American history. No novelist could make up Kamala Harris unless he or she was specifically writing a comedy.

Biden administration incompetence shows up on virtually every topic. Inflation remains bad. The economy is weakening. The Biden budget projects trillions of additional debt. The border remains open. Criminals continue to be released from jail (or not even prosecuted) in virtually every major Democrat-controlled urban center. The teachers’ unions continue to defend systems such as Baltimore City, where 23 schools do not have a single student proficient in math – out of 2,000 students.

Consider the decay of our transportation system under Biden – the Ohio train wreck in East Palestine (Biden still has not visited) and the air travel system shut down (for the first time since 9/11). Meanwhile, a hopelessly incompetent effort to build infrastructure continues in a system riddled with unnecessary regulations, lawsuits, union work rules, and all the things which are making Democrat-run big cities impossibly expensive.

Whether it is a matter of incompetence or deliberate policy, the disaster on our borders is allowing in millions of people illegally, huge quantities of drugs, and a wave of human trafficking and criminal penetration unlike anything we have ever seen.

Beyond corruption and incompetence, the Biden re-election campaign will have to deal with the issue of coercion being used by the federal government against the American people.

Where President Abraham Lincoln called for government of the people, by the people, and for the people, it is clear that Biden stands for government of the elites, by the elites, and for the elites. The level of coercion inherent in the Biden system is beyond anything we have seen in America.

At America’s New Majority Project, we have been studying the values and beliefs of the American people since 2018. We have worked closely with a wide range of pollsters and have studied polling data at Gallup and elsewhere going back for several generations. We have expanded our polls with a wide range of focus groups trying to better understand the nuances of American opinions.

The number of areas in which the Biden administration and national Democrats have been attempting to force change on the American people is astonishing.

Overwhelmingly, the American people believe the pandemic is over. Yet, not a single House Democrat voted for the bill declaring the pandemic over. They knew the end of the pandemic was also the end of taxpayer money going to a lot of their allies, and they wanted the money more than they wanted to please the American people.

Americans overwhelmingly favor parents having rights concerning their children’s education. Yet, not a single Democrat voted for a Parents Bill of Rights in the House.

The American people strongly oppose biological males competing with women and girls in sports, yet not a single Democrat voted for the bill codifying this measure. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has proposed a rule to allow males in girls’ locker rooms and sports.

Americans strongly oppose transgender propaganda in schools – and deeply oppose sex change surgery and drugs for minors – yet the Biden Defense Department published a paper saying seven-year-olds could decide to change their gender.

The American people overwhelmingly oppose treating people differently based on their race, but the Biden Administration supports doing so.

The American people strongly favor developing American energy sources, yet the Democrats voted 203-4 against the Lower Energy Cost Act.

Finally, Americans oppose a debt ceiling increase if it does not have significant spending cuts. Only-one-in-four favor the Biden approach of raising the debt ceiling with no changes. Yet the Democrats ignore the popular feeling and march on in lockstep.

We have now had two and a half years to learn what Biden Democrats are like.

President Biden is announcing four more years of corruption, coercion, and incompetence.

The American people will resoundingly reject that future.

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