Newt’s World – Episode 550: The CCP in America

Newt talks with Erin Walsh from The Heritage Foundation, about the influence the Chinese Communist Party has in the United States.

This week, federal prosecutors unsealed criminal charges accusing two men of helping run an unauthorized Chinese police station, which is one of more than 100 around the world, used to intimidate and control Chinese citizens living in New York City.  The two men were arrested and charged with conspiring to act as agents of the Chinese government and with obstructing justice. The Chinese government in Beijing said the outposts aren’t doing police work, but Chinese state media reports say they “collect intelligence” and solve crimes far outside their jurisdiction. Newt’s guest is Erin Walsh.  She is a Senior Research Fellow in international affairs in the Asia Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation.

Guest: Erin Walsh

Erin Walsh
Erin Walsh


Winning the New Cold War: A Plan for Countering China – Heritage Foundation Special Report

Two Arrested for Operating Illegal Overseas Police Station of the Chinese Government – Department of Justice

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