Washington High School Requiring Ankle Monitors for Unvaccinated Athletes

Any unvaccinated students participating in sporting events this year are required by the school to wear ankle monitors to track COVID-19 cases.

By CJ Pearson 

Just when Americans get a taste of COVID-19 freedom, it seems the government and other institutions seek to impose restrictions once again. Now, this control is leaking into the lives of young students as demonstrated in the actions of Eatonville High School in Washington. 

Any unvaccinated students participating in sporting events this year are required by the school to wear ankle monitors to track COVID-19 cases and social distancing. While Eatonville has defended this decision, citing that it doesn’t wish to exclude anyone from the teams, many have taken to social media to voice frustration about the situation.  

The similarities to prison ankle monitors are eerie indeed, with these actions from Eatonville High School. The fight for power and control exists on all levels, and students from elementary schools all the way up to college are suffering because of it. Hopefully other schools do not follow this model and allow kids to have a more normal year. 

Find out more about these new imposed rules at Outkick. 

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