Luna Talks with Anna Paulina – Episode 18: The Border Exposed with Art Del Cueto

Our country’s elites love to tell the American people what they can and can’t do. But these same elites have no problem breaking their own rules while ordering hard working We all know there’s an ongoing crisis at the southern border. But what exactly is happening down there? And how concerned should the American people be? For this podcast, Anna gets all the answers from someone who really knows: Art Del Cueto, a veteran of the US Border Patrol who has seen it all. Art and Anna have a wide-ranging and in-depth conversation about the border crisis and immigration. Art shares some of his most harrowing experiences at the border and paints a vivid picture of what the situation is like, exposing details that you won’t see in the media. Plus, Art explains why, by the end of the Biden administration, we could have literally millions of additional illegal immigrants in the US.

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