OUTLOUD with Gianno Caldwell – Episode 48: Breaking the Myth: The Failure of Liberalism in Inner Cities with Kimberly Klacik

America’s inner cities have been flooded with federal money for decades, yet they remain riddled with crime, poverty, and terrible schools. And today these problems only seem to be getting worse, especially in Baltimore and Chicago. Why is this the case, and what can be done about it? For this podcast, Gianno digs into the facts and sheds light on some unpleasant truths in a very special episode. Gianno brings on his good friend, conservative rock star Kimberly Klacik, to co-host with him this week. They have an in-depth and wide-ranging conversation about the rise in violent crime devastating America’s cities, the terrible state of education in these same cities, and all things COVID. Plus, Gianno asks Kim about her political future — and gets an exclusive about what she has planned.

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