Newt Gingrich Audio Update: What do Trump Signs and the Americans Who Display Them Stand For?

What do Trump signs and banners stand for? They’re a symbol of the American people who are done rolling over to the Washington establishment, big tech, and corporations that try to dictate their lives.  

There is a great article by Selena Zito that analyzes the reasoning behind Trump flags and banners flying today. The point she makes is that this is not a statement about what voters will do in 2024. It means that Americans will not be intimidated by the internet companies or Major League Baseball. These are people defiantly saying that they represent a different approach. They are committed to being Americans who live in freedom and who are prepared to stand up to all the forces on the other side. I’ll be talking more about the American resistance to the establishment tonight at my Inner Circle Live Event. I encourage you to join.  

– Newt

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