Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | April 6, 2021

Newt talks about the dishonesty and hypocrisy from the left, including the MLB’s recent action of moving the all-star game out of Georgia.


Newt Gingrich
The Ingraham Angle
April 6, 2021

Because he lies. It’s not complicated. I’ve done two podcasts at Gingrich 360 laying out this whole story. Stacey Abrams, who is making a lot of money out of this stuff, she got the Jim crow 2.0 website two weeks before the bill was passed. They were setting this whole game up. I don’t know how she got the President of the United States to talk about Jim Crow 2.0 but he did. You see an exact linkage of what they are doing. Biden not only lied about the Georgia law, “The Washington Post,” very seldom taking on a liberal Democrat, gave him four Pinocchio’s, the most you can get, basically saying everything he said about the Georgia law was a lie. After that, he went on ESPN and repeated precisely the lies that “The Washington Post” had just disowned. This is not a new thing. One of the podcasts that I did takes you back to Robert Bork, when he was nominated by Ronald Reagan. Guess who lived the fight to smear Robert Bork? By the way, to be borked is now a word in the English dictionary based on what Biden did, which was smearing. Then you have the Clarence Thomas, and guess who led the fight to smear Clarence Thomas? Joe Biden. Now you have Georgia, with no regard to the truth, I mean it’s pretty shameful. The President of the United States with no regard to the truth lies about the law, which by the way is better in almost every case than previous law, and much, much better. H.R. 1, which is the corrupt politicians act, is a disaster and the Georgia law is vastly better than H.R. 1. So, I think what you’ve got here is frankly a straightforward effort by liberals to smear Georgia and try to set the stage for a big fight over H.R. 1.
Here’s what’s even worse, Major League Baseball has a 10-year contract with the Chinese communist totalitarian dictatorship. It’s okay to deal with the Chinese. Major League Baseball has played in Cuba under control of the Castro and the post-Castro communist dictatorship. The attitude apparently in the C suite at Major League Baseball is its fine to deal with communist dictatorships, its those conservatives that we can’t deal with. That tells you how sick the system is. By the way, anybody who wants to complain about the Georgia law, Delaware is much worse. Ironically, they’re moving the Major League Baseball all-star game to Colorado. Colorado is less black. Colorado laws are worse than George’s laws. There are no rational reasons for doing it. I think what you have found is this is one of those cases where the left was totally out of touch with reality, was convinced that the news media would protect them, went off the deep end with dishonesty. This is part of a change has been building now for several weeks, all of a sudden it wasn’t getting coverage from the news media protecting it. All of a sudden people are looking up and saying they did what? I think in Georgia this may well have killed Senator Warnock’s reelection chances because he’s now part of a group that wants to take $100 million of jobs out of Georgia and shipped them to Denver.

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