Newt Gingrich on Fox News Primetime | April 7, 2021

Newt discusses the left’s continually crazy actions and why there’s hope for Republicans in the future beyond Joe Biden.


Newt Gingrich
Fox News Primetime
April 7, 2021


I think you are basically are right in warning that if we don’t change direction, then China will probably be the dominant country in the world, and that has really bad implications for all of us, because nobody who has ever experienced a Chinese totalitarian system has any great desire to see that applied in the United States. It’s a terrible system. It tortures people, it locks people up, it totally censors them. It’s a tremendously efficient machine of tyranny. I’m an optimist, I think we’ve been challenged before, and we’ve come back with enormous success. In fact, I’m writing a book called, Beyond Biden where I am looking beyond the current disaster. I actually think this will be a very educational four year period. And I think people will come out of it dramatically more conservative, and more ready to take on the Chinese. One of the examples is, we’ve got to break the power of the teacher’s union to continue destroying children. The greatest ally the Chinese have are the teacher’s unions. They are guaranteeing that American young people aren’t learning enough to compete with the Chinese in technology, science, in management — this is a real crisis for us, much bigger than a military crisis. We also have to recognize one last thing, which is if you watch what the Chinese communists have been doing around Taiwan, if you watch what they’ve done in the last few months around the Philippines, this is a dictatorship that is testing the Biden administration just as Putin is testing them in Ukraine, and in both places, they are finding weakness, confusion, and an invitation to a disaster.


Just think about all of our schools. We now have the Oregon Department of Education put out a publication saying, you shouldn’t try to find a single answer in mathematics because that’s an example of white supremacy. This is insane. This is literally insane. We have a proposal in California that school children should chant to three Aztec gods, one of whom was the central figure in human sacrifice. The Chinese are not engaged in this kind of wokeness — to the best my knowledge, there is no woke division of the Chinese society. And so they don’t have to put up with the nonsense that we have to pretend is serious.


First, we are sort of thinking whether we should call it Beyond Biden and Harris, because we are not totally convinced Biden will make all four years. Putting that to one side, I suspect Kevin McCarthy will be the Speaker of the House in 2023, and I suspect that McConnell will be back as majority leader in 2023. Just take the corrupt politicians act, HR1, when you look at it carefully, between 75 to 90% of the American people oppose every major component of that act and regard it as an invitation to a stolen election. 90% of Americans believe only American citizens should vote in our elections. You have a Democratic party that’s going crazy. They just voted to spend four and a half billion dollars for illegal immigrants in New York State. They made sure they got money they couldn’t get from the feds. That’s frankly, insane.

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