Newt Gingrich on Fox News Primetime | March 16, 2021

Newt talks about how Joe Biden’s policies differ so drastically from President Trump’s and why it will harm the entire country.


Newt Gingrich
Fox News Primetime
March 16, 2021


First of all, let me say I thought your interview with President Trump was very effective and very informative. I commend you for getting as many different topics as you did, and I think there is no place where you see a bigger difference between Trump’s policy and Biden than on the border. President Trump understood that there are an unmanageable a number of people who are willing to come to the United States. Gallup reported a few years back that there are 65 million people who would like to move to the United States and President Trump recognized that this is unmanageable. President Biden is living in some kind of a fantasy land and thought that he could campaign for open borders and is now shocked to discover that in many countries, the Biden open border policy is interpreted to mean open borders. I saw a Republican congressman yesterday who talked about people from Turkey, people from Morocco, from China, people from Africa. It’s not just people coming from Central America. But the word’s out, the Democrats want to give you free medical care. They want to take care of you. They’ll let you in the country. Think about this difference: If you and I tried to fly into the United States, we have to have a test to prove we don’t have COVID. They are just walking across the border, they get tested and I think 9% have COVID in the last thing I saw. They leave and get on a bus to somewhere in America and they carried COVID. This is a policy of utter madness.


Well, first of all, I think what you are seeing is a machine. When you win as many narrow votes as Nancy Pelosi is winning. When you have the discipline that Chuck Schumer has, this is a machine. And this machine knows that in a fair open election it’s going to get killed. They are adopting policies that have 15% approval. You take the entire Corrupt Politician Act, HR1, and that will be a more accurate title for it. When you ask the American people, I just saw a poll in Arizona for example, where every single provision is a 75% negative. Now, the two senators from Arizona have no choice. Do they vote with the people of Arizona or are they part of a machine? I think you are seeing this across the board. This is a desperate effort to impose radicalism on America before they lose the House and probably lose the Senate in 2022.


Look, the thing that is amazing right now, with President Trump not available to be the number one piñata target. Both in New York and California, Democratic governors are collapsing, and it is going to be fascinating to watch.

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