Newt Gingrich on Hannity | March 15, 2021

Newt discusses with Sean Hannity about the way the Democratic machine wants to take Americans’ money and how we can stop such corruption.


Newt Gingrich
March 15, 2021


Well, look, I think you have to start with the idea that the Democratic machine has to have money. It’s like a great white shark, if you don’t feed it, it falls apart. You don’t feed the teacher’s union, you don’t feed the government employees in Illinois, just go down the list. So, they’ve got to get the money from somewhere. They are going to borrow as much as they can and then they’re going to come after every hardworking American, every American business, large and small. They are going to use really nice-sounding rhetoric, but the truth is they want to put their hand in your wallet to take out your money to give to their allies. And that’s the number one reality of this machine.


Well, you don’t. I mean look people who want to understand what’s coming should look at Argentina under Juan Perón. They should look at what’s happening in Venezuela. They should look at the disaster that we had in Zimbabwe. When you bring in a power structure focused on ripping off everybody else to pay off its allies, this isn’t about socialism, this is purely about corruption. Now, they need the money. And you can tell how bad it is because the huge amount of money you mentioned that’s going to California is barely enough to cover up the $34 billion plus that was lost to fraud. I mean, the bureaucracies are now so incompetent, so unwilling to work, so incapable of modernization. In California they were sending out notices with the social security numbers on them, so criminals were picking up these things and looking at it and they were filing false applications. One house got 1700 checks and this is — everybody who works hard, who is honest, who wants to have a better future for their family needs to understand that the corrupt Democratic machine has to rip you off because it can’t control the very bureaucrats in the very unions and the very machines that are the heart of its existence.


I’m a historian by trade and I’ve looked at this for years and years. Let’s be honest: if you stand under a waterfall, you’re going to get wet. So, what Biden has decided to do is put all of America under a waterfall of immigration, pretend that it’s okay and have thousands and thousands of people come in who have COVID, others come and who have no means of earning an income and others come in who have health problems. And then saying to the rest of us, what can I do, now I have to take care of them, which by the way sends a signal to the entire planet. Joe Biden wants you to come to America, why don’t you go now? And that’s why you see as I think Kevin McCarthy pointed out when they were done on the border, you’re seeing Turks, you’re seeing Arabs, you’re seeing Chinese. People from all over the planet are coming to the United States and they are saying Joe Biden wants me to come here. They make t-shirts that say Biden wants me to come here. It can’t be clearer what’s happening.

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