Newt Gingrich on Watters World | February 6, 2021

Newt talks with Jesse Watters about shortcomings of President Biden’s immigration plan, the danger of China, and the left’s mindset.


Newt Gingrich
Watters’ World
February 6, 2021


I think it’s largely correct. First of all, I don’t understand how liberals imagine that you can send a signal to the entire planet over 7 billion people and say how would you like free healthcare, how would you like to get into the US and not expect the wave is going to get much bigger. We talk about Central America, but wait until the Chinese understand it, wait until Africans understand it. You will have unlimited potential. Gallup once did a survey and found something like 36% of the planet wanted to come to the U.S. That’s a couple billion people. I just think these people live in a fantasy world, and they don’t understand reality. My guess is by summer the Biden immigration plan will be a disaster and be one of those scandals which happened under Obama that just grows and grows. He took a system that was going to work where Donald Trump had achieved an amazing break through with Mexico and Guatemala where a fence was being built, and he has destroyed the entire thing and replaced it with a welcome to America sign that’s gone all around the world saying, President Biden, you heard the guy say, he wants you to come here.


All you have to do to totally understand the hypocrisy is understand that while we are being told the wall doesn’t work, they are building a wall around the U.S. Capitol. So they don’t want to protect the United States from foreign illegal immigrants, but they want to protect our capitol from us. It tells you the hypocrisy with which they approach this. It is, and we should demand that they take away the fence around the Capitol.


I think Texas, but they also understand that North Carolina has a huge Latino population. I mean there are a lot of places across America that would be influenced by an open border process. Particularly if you tied it to the Biden proposal to have everybody eligible for citizenship within 8 years of getting here. I think this is part of their plan, part of what happened in California. I think that now it’s very striking that Trump in fact got the highest votes among minorities of any Republican in the last 60 years, and then when you look at places like Florida, you currently have Governor DeSantis, because he was doing much better with minorities than people expected. It’s not an automatic equation. But certainly the left hopes that the more people that come in that are dependent on government, the more people who come in who don’t understand American history, don’t understand our culture, the better their chances of winning.


I doubt if he will, but he should. I think the fact is that this is an act of war. It fits perfectly with traditional Chinese strategies which are indirect and patient and try to undermine the psychological will of their opponents. They don’t emphasize battles nearly as much as they emphasize subversion and bribery and dishonesty. I think we should have all along been tougher with the Chinese about fentanyl, and at some point we have to confront the depth of strength the cartels have in Mexico, which is I think frightening. It’s very close to being a cartel-owned state. And sooner or later we have to deal with them.

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