Newt Gingrich on Fox & Friends | January 25, 2021

Newt on Joe Biden’s first days as president: “You have to draw a real distinction between Biden’s nice words and Biden’s very tough left wing divisive actions.”


Newt Gingrich
Fox & Friends
January 25, 2021


I think he gave a reasonable and then pretty decent speech as an inaugural address. But I don’t think it had anything to do with the administration. When you say let’s talk about unity and you walk down the street to the White House and you sign, I think, 17 executive orders virtually every one of them opposed by 75 million people. It’s a little hard to see how you are pitching unity. None of them were vetted through Republicans. He didn’t sit down with any senators, any house members. So I think you have to draw a real distinction between Biden’s nice words and Biden’s very tough left wing divisive actions. Some of which by the way and you talked about this in the last segment, the moratorium on getting people out of the U.S. means at least 45,000 people who either have criminal records or were in the process of going to court with criminal records, 45,000 are going to remain in the United States. Now, you know, how does that help safety in America to allow 45,000 criminals to stay in the U.S.? And, of course, it sends a terrific signal to the world Joe Biden is president why don’t you come to the U.S. Illegally and give you a chance to become a citizen. What you are seeing right now coming out of Honduras is just barely the beginning. His policies are going to lead to a flood of people coming into the U.S.


Look let me start with a fact. It is a fact that Donald Trump got more votes than anybody in American history except Joe Biden. He got more votes than George W. Bush, more votes than Ronald Reagan. More votes than Barack Obama. What’s the moral standing of a bunch of politicians in Washington telling the rest of the American people you can’t vote for this guy ever again? What’s their basis for them, why does Nancy Pelosi, who represents a small enclave in San Francisco, why does she have the power to say to the entire nation I will choose who is allowed to run? I think this is madness. I think it’s driven by an ideological frenzy. And I think it’s dumb in the Senate. There is no possibility that they are going to get 17 Republican senators to vote to convict somebody who got 74 million votes and who is still going to be out there and who I’m sure will campaign extensively in any Republican senate seat that voted to impeach him. So, I just think this is another example — the only thing unifying the Democratic party is hatred of Donald Trump. And if Donald Trump gets past this impeachment and spends six months being quiet and watching and thinking about what happened, in that six months, the Democratic party will fall apart. Because he is the only organizing principle that they can agree on.